10 October 2019

At the beginning is a click

How a virtual booking becomes a real experience

For travellers, the desired excursion and sporting activity in the next holiday is just a mouse click away – simple, fast and the anticipation is guaranteed. But 9,000 TUI Destination Experiences employees in 50 countries ensure that the customer's virtual booking also becomes a real experience. They ensure that the guest's tour actually takes place the way it was offered. And this requires a number of planning steps

The majority of the products that the customer can book via the website www.musement.com or the TUI App were checked for quality by TUI in advance and found to be good. This also includes necessary safety checks and the examination of sustainability criteria. Today, the portfolio comprises almost 50,000 of these so-called curated excursions and activities. There are also thousands of other experiences that can only be booked exclusively with TUI, such as the TUI Collection excursions. For the actual excursion of the guest on day X, the local TUI specialists ensure that the necessary buses, boats, jeeps, squads or private cars are available and that the holidaymakers are picked up from the hotel at the agreed time. The employees also ensure that the tour guide speaks the local language of the group. And if something should go wrong on the day of the excursion, the guest is not left to his own devices, as with booking on an online platform. TUI not only sells the excursions and activities, but also carries them out independently or ensures that the booked service is actually provided by the respective partners. The local TUI teams are there to personally assist the holidaymaker. In order to continuously improve the quality of the products, TUI conducts surveys of the participants following the experiences. Because anticipation should not remain the only joy of the guest's immersion in TUI's world of experience in the future.