8 October 2019

When pirates, sustainability and extras make your holiday a special experience

TUI offers excursions with exclusive contents

Sunbathing by the hotel pool, relaxing, finally winding down. But at some point, most holidaymakers are also eager to explore and experience something new: leaving the hotel – to jump right into the life that takes place around it! They often have many different options to book day trips, hiking tours, wine tasting events and other experiences. However, how can they find the optimum offering matching their individual needs and preferences? In order to offer guidance, TUI has created a number of product segments for excursions and activities that meet specific criteria and can exclusively be booked with TUI. “All of this is key to finding out what our guests really value in terms of excursions and activities today, whilst also anticipating what our guests may want in the future”, says Mary McElligott, Head of Excursions, Activities and Ancillaries Product at TUI Destination Experiences.

Holidaymakers can choose from the following three product segments:

TUI Collection

The excursions offered as part of the TUI Collection focus on sustainability and allow travellers to experience the holiday destination as authentically as possible. The TUI Collection portfolio includes, for example, excursions to Chichen Itza, one of the most frequently visited archaeological sites in Mexico. Guests experience this special place in the morning in front of all other visitors when it is still cool and they can travel back in time undisturbed. Another exclusive excursion in the TUI Collection series is a visit to the underwater cave, the 'Cenote'. TUI guests can swim there, get blessed or taste homemade food in a traditional setting, followed by a visit to a Mayan village supported by TUI. The TUI Collection excursions are currently among the most popular among guests.


In the PLUS segment, customers receive an exclusive additional service when visiting sights or top attractions, such as unlimited use of all rides at no extra charge when purchasing a ticket for a water park. This extra distinguishes TUI excursions from all other providers in the market. One example of a PLUS excursion is a visit to the Mogán market in Gran Canaria. This is usually done by bus and then requires the visitors to walk a longer distance in high temperatures. PLUS guests, on the other hand, are taken by boat to the pretty harbour and can sunbathe on board and enjoy the fresh breeze.

“Pirates of ...”

Under the name "Pirates of ..." TUI offers special family excursions around the Mediterranean, for example “Pirates of Corfu“ or “Pirates of Mallorca“. Both young and old are actively involved in the tour to find a lost treasure. Each tour is based on a story. The children go out to sea to help pirate Tim find the treasure. The excursion includes numerous games, swimming breaks and other activities.

In total, travellers can already choose more than 10,000 different excursions from these three segments. And TUI Destination Experiences will continue to drive forward the expansion of these differentiated, exclusive products in the coming years.