Port El Kantaoui/Hanover, 27 June 2015

Update on Tunisia, 12:00 p.m.: Attack in Tunisia / The first 80 tourists have returned to Germany early / More than 300 customers have changed their bookings to Tunisia / All excursions initially cancelled until 30 June

Port El Kantaoui/Hanover, 27 June 2015.
Following yesterday’s attack in Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia, TUI’s assistance efforts continue to run at full speed. The focus of activities is on direct support for customers and their relatives. TUI continues to work closely with the German Foreign Office and the Tunisian authorities. Unfortunately, we still have to assume that the victims also include a number of German guests. For the time being, the German authorities have not yet issued an official confirmation.

Last night, TUI flew back the first 80 customers to Germany. They have all arrived safely back in Germany. Members of the TUI Care Team are en route to Tunisia in order to support the travel reps in looking after our guests. There are more holidaymakers wishing to return earlier: Today and tomorrow, around 120 tourists will return to Germany; however, this number includes guests who were scheduled to return in any case.

More than 300 customers have used the German TUI customer hotline this far to change their bookings to Tunisia, planned for the summer holidays, to other destinations. A small number of customers have also used the option to cancel their holiday free of charge. However, there are also customers who wish to maintain their travel plans. The TUI customer hotline remains available under phone number +49 (0) 511 567 8000.

TUI Deutschland continues to show maximum goodwill in responding to this exceptional situation: As already announced, all customers having booked a holiday to Tunisia by 15 September may change or cancel their bookings free of charge. As a precautionary measure, TUI has initially cancelled its entire excursion programme in Tunisia until 30 June.

TUI expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims.
TUI will publish additional information as soon as further details emerge.

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