Zanzibar is a popular holiday destination off the east coast of Africa. Successful tourist destinations need well-trained staff, but training is not accessible to everyone on the island. As a result, there is limited trained talent available to the tourism industry. TUI Care Foundation is therefore providing scholarships to thirteen young Zanzibari to train to become guides.

Zanzibar’s New Guiding Lights

Tourism is an important industry in Zanzibar and creates many jobs, but low education levels and lack of training in professional skills make it hard for the tourism industry to find suitable local employees, in spite of high youth unemployment. Training young people to be guides is a promising solution.

With the help of TUI Care Foundation, thirteen young Zanzibari will be selected for training to become guides in the tourism sector. They will follow intensive training for six months, followed by a three-month long internship. Over nine months, they will develop the skills needed to guide tourists and provide information on places of interest. The programme includes English, Flora and Fauna, History, Customer Service and an extensive module on sustainability and sustainable tourism.

Project partner

Kawa Training Centre organises training courses and workshops in the tourism industry in Zanzibar, including training to become a guide.

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