In the sunshine of the Dominican Republic tourism is thriving and bringing with it the opportunity of employment and an income for local people. However, a lack of access to good quality education is stopping many young people benefitting from that opportunity. The result of this is high levels of unemployment and young people being left vulnerable to exploitation of all kinds.

A better future for Dominican youth

TUI ACADEMY offers 150 disadvantaged girls and boys a vocational training course preparing them for work in the field of tourism. The training includes the opportunity to do an internship in one of the hotels from Blue Diamond Resorts. On successful completion of the training students receive an official qualification and are given working contracts of at least 6 months in duration with the participating hotels to get their tourism careers underway.

Project partner

Plan is an international children’s rights charity working in 51 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Plan works on sustainable poverty reduction and better lives for children in developing countries, with special focus on equal rights and opportunities for girls.

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