30 May 2023

TUI expands the number of hotels with the ‘Green & Fair’ label by nearly 50%, to enable customers to make more sustainable choices.

TUI, one of the world’s leading tourism businesses, has increased the number of ‘Green & Fair’ labelled hotels on offer to customers to 997, an increase of nearly 50%. The ‘Green & Fair’ label, first introduced in November 2022, highlights hotels that have been independently certified in line with strict sustainability credentials, known as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria. 

The GSTC Criteria* works as the worldwide standard for sustainability in travel and tourism and is focused around four key areas: sustainable management; environmental protection; social and economic support of the local community and recognising and promoting cultural heritage. Examples of this include favouring local suppliers, measuring energy consumption and taking steps to minimise overall consumption and promoting reusable, returnable and recycled goods.

Richard Sofer, Commercial Director at TUI, said: “We know making sustainable choices is becoming more and more important to our customers and we launched our Green & Fair label to make it easy for them to see which hotels offer the best sustainable options.   We’re delighted so many more of our hotel partners have now been certified as meeting the robust GSTC criteria and are proud to label them Green & Fair.  By staying in a Green & Fair hotel, your holiday choice goes a few steps further to help our planet and worldwide communities. We want customers to be able to integrate sustainability into their entire holiday, which is why, as well as choosing a Green & Fair hotel, they can also select from a wide range of Green & Fair labelled experiences.”

TUI’s Green & Fair experiences have a positive impact on the local community and minimise environmental impact. The Green & Fair experiences include many from the TUI Collection portfolio of enriching, more sustainable experiences, led by expert guides that deliver unique local insights. From volcanic tours in the Canaries to family adventures in Turkey, TUI customers can effortlessly make sustainable choices whilst on their holiday. 

And customers can take some more simple actions by following these top tips:

  • Reduce plastic waste by using bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner, rather than bottles.
  • Protect marine life by using chemical-free suncream during beach trips. 
  • Bring reusable bottles instead of using single-use plastic bottles. 
  • Remember to bring a bag for life in your suitcase for shopping.
  • Save water and don’t wash towels daily.

And choosing more sustainable options doesn’t mean customers have to compromise on choice or price. TUI currently offers Green & Fair hotels across some of the globe’s must-see cities, beaches and mountain spots, from Las Vegas and Cancun to Slovenia and Cyprus.

For every Green & Fair booking made, TUI currently donates £1 per adult and 50p per child to the TUI Care Foundation, which has programmes across the globe to protect natural environments and empower the people living in holiday destinations. 

Notes to Editors:

GSTC Criteria

*More information about the GSTC Criteria can be found here: GSTC-Industry-Criteria-for-Hotels-with-indicators-Dec-2016.pdf (gstcouncil.org)

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