Hamburg, 6 October 2022

Innovative technologies, sustainable materials: The innovations of Mein Schiff 3

First voyage starts again today after shipyard stay with guests to Mallorca

Refurbishment of Mein Schiff 3 at the Hamburg shipyard Blohm & Voss. From 25 September to 6 October, Mein Schiff 3 went into dry dock Elbe 17 in Hamburg for a refurbishment. Within eleven days, the vessel of TUI Cruises underwent several modernisations and redesigns during her regular stay at the shipyard. And on deck 4, the Grööne Bar has been created – a meeting place that focuses on the topic of sustainability. In its new splendour, Mein Schiff 3 will now set off on an eight-day voyage from Hamburg via Lisbon, Cadiz and Gibraltar to Mallorca.

"Numerous shipyard workers, technicians and engineers as well as the approximately 1,000 crew members have been making Mein Schiff 3 fit for winter over the past few days," says Ulrich Voss, Director Shipmanagement & Hotel Refurbishment. "In addition to routine maintenance of the machinery and technology, for example, more than 600 square metres of handmade floor tiles with a Mediterranean flair were laid in the Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant." Furthermore, the X-Sun Deck was enormously enlarged to give guests an unobstructed view of the sea and the pool for exclusive relaxation. And the really popular indoor pool has been transformed into an oasis of experience thanks to new tiles in wood decor, elegant lounge furniture and generous planting.

Ultrasonic technology for the preservation of ecosystems

Following the Mein Schiff 6, the Mein Schiff 3 now also has ultrasonic antifouling technology on the complete sea water cooling system. The innovative technology, developed by the Kiel-based company HASYTEC Electronics is already in use on container ships and tankers around the world, uses ultrasonic waves to prevent the formation of a biofilm. The technology thus ensures that all liquid-bearing surfaces remain free of marine fouling and biological deposits. This is crucial for the preservation of native ecosystems: otherwise, invasive organisms could be introduced into foreign ecosystems through the fouling and threaten them.

Grööne Bar: Trendy hot spot for sustainability

The biggest change, however, is inside Mein Schiff 3 on deck 4: the sustainable "Grööne Bar" has been created in one of the most secluded spots on board, in the immediate vicinity of the theatre. Gröön" – "green" in Low German – is the name of the game here: TUI Cruises is aware of its responsibility and so a place has been created here that is sustainable and provides information about the sustainability on board  the Mein Schiff fleet. The unique origami trees and lounge music with nature sounds transport the guest on the high seas to a forest clearing. The carpet is made out of recycled materials, wooden figures were carved from old trusses and the specially created Grööne Bar Drink – Grööndezvous – is also a real eye-catcher: a refreshing cocktail with white rum, agave syrup, lime juice and ginger beer mint, cucumber and lime provide the green freshness kick. Just the right drink for the voyages with Mein Schiff in the coming winter.

With Mein Schiff 3 – Escape the winter on long-term voyages

After a voyage through the sun-drenched western Mediterranean in October, Mein Schiff 3 will depart from Bremerhaven on 1 November for an almost four-week long-term voyage with Madeira, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma and the Cape Verde islands of São Vicente and Santiago. And for those with a real wanderlust, the 35-day long-term voyages on Mein Schiff 3, the first of which takes place over Christmas and New Year's Eve – from/to Germany and with an Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean – are a must. There, islands with paradise-sounding names such as St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba, Tortola and Antigua await guests and offer turquoise-blue, clear water, white sandy beaches and lush rainforest.

About TUI Cruises

TUI Cruises GmbH is one of the leading cruise operators in German-speaking countries. The joint venture between TUI AG and the US cruise company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. employs around 750 people in Hamburg and Berlin. A fleet of seven ships sails for the Mein Schiff brand. Since the end of 2020, the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises brand has also been part of TUI Cruises GmbH with a fleet of currently five ships. The Mein Schiff fleet offers contemporary holidays at sea in the premium segment (Mein Schiff 1 to Mein Schiff 6 and Mein Schiff Herz / bed capacity: 17,800). Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is one of the leading cruise brands in the German-speaking world in the luxury and expedition segment with a 130-year history. TUI Cruises operates one of the most modern and environmentally and climate-friendly fleets in the world. In the course of sustainable growth, three more new ships are planned until 2026.