Palma de Majorca, 25 November 2020

RIU introduces its new app

  • This new app from RIU lets customers manage their holidays from start to finish
  • Through a single app, customers can find out about all the RIU hotels and destinations, book holidays, check in online, request services during their stay at the hotel and access the benefits of the Riu Class loyalty programme

The chain RIU Hotels & Resorts is taking a big step forward in technology with the launch of its new app.This application stays by the customer’s side throughout the holiday, from booking right through to the stay in the hotel, and it also offers direct access to all the benefits of the Riu Class loyalty programme. This means RIU customers have all they information they need in a single platform.

“We want to make sure our customers don’t have to go to different websites to get information about their RIU holidays. In the digital age, we want to offer them instant access to everything they need through the app,” explains Eduard Bonet, Digital Business VP.
Since the company began in 1953, its focus has always been on maximising customer satisfaction and offering an exclusive service. Today, RIU is still a leader in this, but now the customer experience starts before arrival at the hotel, and it is essential to adapt to new technologies and new user habits in order to continue to offer them the best possible service. “We want to meet their needs in every aspect of their RIU experience. Making arrangements must be easy, quick and secure,” adds Eduard Bonet. In addition, RIU’s most loyal customers, the members of Riu Class, will also notice a better experience because they can now enjoy all the exclusive benefits of the loyalty programme through the new app.
Another new feature in the app is the online check-in option, a new way to register from anywhere in the world which makes the customer’s arrival at the hotel even smoother. The RIU app also offers guests the chance to arrange many services during their stay directly from their mobile device, such as requesting fresh towels, checking the restaurant opening hours and booking a table, or finding out about the activity and entertainment programme, as well as many more options. This video shows all the functions of the new Riu app.

To ensure a smooth flow of information between the customer and the hotel, an internal app has been created that connects customers directly with the hotel staff to achieve a much more efficient communication. With this application, customers can load their requests straight to the system so that they reach the person in charge of managing them.
“Why are we so proud of our Riu app? Because it’s the result of the teamwork between all the different departments that have direct contact with customers. Their cumulative knowledge and experience have been key to the development of an app that fulfils our customers’ needs and desires in an intuitive and smooth way. All our efforts are geared towards their satisfaction, now by improving customer service through technology,” Bonet explains.
The new RIU app is by the customer’s side before, during and after their holiday, adding a bonus to our exclusive customer service which is the main focus of Riu Hotels management, and which now more than ever is entering the age of technology and adapting to the world around us today.

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About RIU Hotels & Resorts

The international RIU chain was founded in Mallorca by the Riu family in 1953 as a small holiday firm and is still owned by the family's third generation. The company specialises in holiday resorts and over 78% of its establishments offer its acclaimed All Inclusive by RIU service. With the inauguration of its first city hotel in 2010, RIU is expanding its range of products with its own line of city hotels called Riu Plaza. RIU Hotels & Resorts now has 97 hotels in 21 countries. In 2023, the chain welcomed 6,4 million guests and provided jobs for a total of 35,808  employees. RIU is currently the world's 36th ranked chain, one of the Caribbean's most popular, the largest in Spain in terms of revenue and the fourth largest in number of rooms.