Hanover, 23 February 2023

TUI AG completes agreed reverse stock split at a ratio of 10 to 1


  • TUI AG completes agreed reverse stock split – number of shares issued decreases from approx. 1.785 billion to 178,520,585 shares 
  • Shares will be traded under the new securities identification number WKN: TUAG50 (ISIN: DE 000 TUAG50 5) as of 24 February 2023
  • Capital reduction as an important milestone on the way to refinancing the Group

TUI AG has implemented the 10-for-1 reverse stock split resolved by last week's Annual General Meeting as planned. The number of shares issued will decrease from approximately 1.785 billion to 178,520,585. The shares will be traded on the stock exchange from 24 February 2023 under the new securities identification number WKN: TUAG50 (ISIN: DE 000 TUAG50 5). This replaces the previous securities identification number WKN: TUAG00 (ISIN: DE 000 TUAG00 0). The conversion of the securities holdings does not affect trading in TUI shares and is carried out automatically by the custodian bank. The share price will automatically increase by a factor of 10.

The capital reduction has no effect on the shareholders' assets or their individual shares in the share capital of TUI AG. It is a purely accounting measure.

For shareholders whose current number of shares is not divisible by 10, the so-called 'fractional adjustment' will start in the coming week: The resulting fractional rights can either be sold or additional fractional rights can be purchased in order to reach a number of shares divisible by 10. This step will also be handled by the custodian banks on behalf of the shareholders. If a corresponding order is not placed, the respective fractional shares will be generally sold and the proceeds credited to the shareholder. The fractional shares are not traded on a stock exchange. Some depositary banks do not grant their shareholders the option of purchasing fractional rights. In these cases, fractions not divisible by ten are automatically sold by the custodian banks at the end of the conversion period and the shareholders are credited with the corresponding value. Details should always be obtained from the depositary bank.

The consolidation of the shares is a prerequisite for the capital increase planned in the course of the year. The Group intends to use the proceeds to repay the state aid provided by the Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF) in full by the end of the year. In addition, KfW's credit line is to be significantly reduced and the balance sheet strengthened.



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