14. Februar 2018

Directorate Change

​According to LR 9.6.11 and 9.6.13, TUI AG (the "Company") announces the following director changes:

  1. Dr Dieter Zetsche has been appointed as a member of the Company´s Supervisory Board (comparable to the position of a non-executive director). Since 2006, Dr Zetsche is the CEO of Daimler AG in Stuttgart, Germany. Between 2009 and 2016, Dr Zetsche was a member of the Supervisory Board of RWE AG, Essen, Germany. No further details remain to be disclosed as required under LR 9.6.13.
  2. Sir Mike Hodginson resigned as a member of the Company´s Supervisory Board, including his position as Second Deputy Chairman.
  3. Peter Long was elected as Second Deputy Chairman of the Company´s Supervisory Board.