13. Dezember 2017

Re-appointments and confirmation of members of the Executive Board

TUI AG (the “Company”) announces that Dr Elke Eller and Mr David Burling, both members of the Company’s Executive Board, have been re-appointed as members of the Executive Board.

Dr Eller has been re-appointed until 14 October 2021. She has initially been appointed until 14 October 2018. Mr Burling has been re-appointed until 31 May 2021. He has initially been appointed until 31 May 2018.

Dr Eller and Mr Burling’s corresponding service contracts have been prolonged until the end of their appointments. The re-appointments and the prolongations of service contracts do, respectively, not result in any changes of Dr Eller and/or Mr Burling’s roles, functions and/or responsibilities.

Furthermore, Mr Frank Rosenberger has been confirmed as a member of the Company’s Executive Board with effect from 1 January 2018 after being a deputy member of the Executive Board since 1 January 2017.