8 March 2023

TUI pilot encourages more women to join the aviation industry on international womens day

TUI pilot Amy Bannister is calling on women considering joining the aviation industry to give it a go to mark this International Women’s Day, March 8, as TUI launches its Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Cadet programme in the UK.   

Amy Bannister has been a pilot for more than eight years and has since taken on a leadership role with TUI Airlines as a Theoretical Knowledge Instructor training both Pilots and Cabin Crew. 

“I grew up around the aviation industry, and I’ve wanted to fly for as long as I can remember. My dad was a Pilot, and my mum a Cabin Crew member, so you could say flying runs in the family”.   

Amy is now encouraging more women who are considering a career in the aviation industry to give it a go and embrace the opportunity to build a diverse and exciting career.  

“Every day is different and it’s such a rewarding career. In the Summer, some days I’m flying into small Greek Islands and through the mountains in Dalaman which look incredible. In Winter, the Ski season flights, and of course Santa flights to Lapland are equally as beautiful and great to be a part of, while providing their own challenges with weather conditions including snow. These experiences make a day at work even more interesting, and it’s not bad to have some of the best ‘office’ views in the world”.  

“Although only 5 per cent of pilots may be women now, the tide seems to be changing and it’s not unusual to have an all-female crew. More and more women are joining the industry, as it’s such a fantastic job to have – industry wide we are treated as equals, and I am proud to work for a company that focuses on my role not my gender."

“No two days at work are the same, and the destinations change from summer to winter which provides a good mix. Being a pilot challenges you every day, while you get to meet new people – and have one of the best office views in the world!" 

Malcolm Sutherland, Director of TUI Airways said: “We know that for our customers, their holiday begins the moment they arrive at the airport and step foot on the plane into the safe hands of our pilots.

“Pilots play such a pivotal role and we want to attract the best and the brightest who are passionate and committed to going the extra smile for our customers." 

“TUI Airways has an Inspiring the Next Generation project where our pilots go into schools to talk to children about the career and encourage more females to consider a career as a pilot."

“To remove barriers to training to become a pilot, we’ve also recently launched our Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Cadet Program in the UK which trains pilots over an 18-month period."

“This program is one of a kind, as it’s the only scheme in the UK offering 30 places a year to train pilots without any upfront cost."

“Training commences with ground school, followed by basic flying training and then the advanced flying training phases. After this, trainees gain a broader understanding of our business before commencing operational line training on the 737."