13 February 2020

Sustainable hotel design at TUI Blue

Sustainability at TUI Blue

Minimising the consumption of energy and natural resources in hotel buildings can be considered from the very earliest construction stages. Sustainable hotel design and construction focuses on environmental protection from the planning all the way to the implementation stage. That is why the last of the ten measures of the “Sustainable Blue” initiative presented here deals with this aspect: In future, 100 per cent of the new hotel buildings and renovations will be designed on the basis of TUI sustainable construction guidelines, which were developed jointly with Mace, a construction agency.

In order to facilitate sustainable construction, an environmental management plan reflecting site-specific conditions is prepared before the start of work on the TUI Blue hotels. The hotels are guided to make sustainable decisions during construction. These can include, for example, energy-efficient construction as well as the use of environmentally friendly construction materials. In addition, hybrid or electrical construction machines and generators are used on the construction site. The goal of this measure is to build hotels that save both energy and resources. 

Every hotel impacts the local community, economy and environment. The modern lifestyle brand TUI Blue therefore seeks to actively promote a sustainable lifestyle. Under the motto “Sustainable Blue”, ten measures have been developed to support hotels in shaping a sustainable future.