Hannover, 1 April 2019

A very special trainee

Last week, TUI Group CEO Fritz Joussen visited two travel agencies in the framework of his "Back to the Floor" assignment. His goal was to meet local colleagues, gain insights into their work and use the opportunity for personal dialogue. During his first stop in Mülheim on the river Ruhr, travel agency owner Andrea Fleck highlighted the fundamental principle of the independent travel agency located in Speldorf: “Our recipe for success is to sell with a great deal of emotion.” Joussen also listened closely to the comments made by the staff in order to learn about their wishes, ideas and challenges. He also commented on the current discussion about TUI’s distribution channels: “I am not against travel agencies. On the contrary. It is important for us to be close to our customers. And in Germany, this largely means being in contact with customers in travel agencies. Our goal is to continue to grow together, and that is what we are doing.”

In the afternoon, he moved on to TUI ReiseCenter in Duisburg. Here, too, Joussen was warmly welcomed by the staff and immediately joined the staff at the counter. The key topics included booking technologies, additional services, or the flexible design of working hours. Discussions also centred around travel agency distribution of the future and the opportunities associated with individual, personal customer communication. Travel agency managing director Michael Assmann was happy to welcome the visitor: “It is simply great to be given the opportunity to provide Mr Joussen with direct feedback from people on the ground, and I think we have addressed a number of key points in our discussions with him.”

"Back to the Floor" is a Group-wide initiative encouraging Band 1 and 2 executives at TUI Group to spend one or several days getting to know a different area of work to gain first-hand insights into customer wishes and preferences and learn about specific proposals for improvements from colleagues.