Berlin/Lusaka, 20 April 2023

New perspectives for young content creators and creatives: TUI Care Foundation launches TUI Colourful Cultures Zambia

  • Masterclasses empower 90 young content creators with skills to create digital content in photography, videography, digital marketing and business management skills
  • Young content creators will promote Zambian arts and culture to strengthen awareness for Zambia as an upcoming travel destination
  • Project in cooperation with Discover Zambia and Canon SA is part of the TUI Colourful Cultures Programme, which protects cultural heritage and empowers creatives in tourism destinations

The TUI Care Foundation, Discover Zambia and Canon SA have launched the TUI Colourful Cultures Zambia project, a series of content creator masterclasses. The masterclasses are designed to empower local content creators with the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality digital content to promote travel, the arts, and culture in the Zambian tourism space. The project also creates new income possibilities and generates opportunities for the participants to leverage a variety of digital platforms.

Limited community participation and inadequate marketing exacerbated by the Covid- 19 pandemic have been cited by the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO as key challenges the Zambian tourism sector is facing. So the TUI Care Foundation, Discover Zambia and Canon SA have launched a programme to promote Zambia’s tourism sector and support young people with skills training and income generation opportunities.

As part of the programme, a total of 90 up-and-coming content creators will be trained by industry experts in photography, videography, digital marketing and business management skills. The first training session will be held in Lusaka, and additional content creators will be trained in Kitwe and Livingstone in the coming months.

Chilalo Mumba, Co-founder of Discover Zambia said, “We are excited to be deploying this masterclass and equipping content creators with skills that will help them build their competencies and monetise their content creation, whilst also marketing our beautiful country. Our collaboration with the TUI Care Foundation and Canon SA is a testament of our shared values and collective effort to build inclusive tourism with young people at the helm.”

Alexander Panczuk, Executive Director of TUI Care Foundation adds: “Zambia is famous for outstanding wildlife and nature experiences - but it also boasts an enormously diverse cultural heritage and a generation of creative and ambitious young talent. With the TUI Colourful Cultures project we want to empower young Zambian creatives to access new income opportunities and at the same time promote the unique heritage of their country. We believe that tourism has enormous potential to drive Zambia's social and economic development. Together with our esteemed partners, we want to make sure that young Zambians can properly participate in the growth of tourism.”

The masterclasses will set a firm foundation for content creators to develop their entrepreneurial journeys and subsequently help to raise the bar in current tourism marketing efforts of Zambia.

The project is part of the TUI Care Foundation’s global Colourful Cultures programme which empowers artists and artisans to gain access to new income opportunities and promote their cultural heritage through tourism.

About TUI Care Foundation

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About Discover Zambia

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