Maldives, 7 June 2021

All collaborators at RIU hotels in the Maldives are now vaccinated

  • 95% of RIU employees in the Maldives are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 meaning that they have received both doses
  • The Riu Atoll and Riu Palace Maldivas offer the highest safety and hygiene guarantees against COVID-19 thanks to the 17 RIU protocols put in place in addition to the vaccination campaign

The RIU chain has two establishments in the Maldives — the 4-star Riu Atoll and the 5-star Riu Palace Maldivas — with a total of 332 employees. Ninety-five percent of staff have already received both doses of the vaccine to make the complex a safe space, which is even further reinforced by the RIU chain’s 17 safety and hygiene protocols.

Thanks to the vaccination campaign incentivised by the country’s government, most RIU collaborators in the Maldives have already been fully vaccinated against COVID- 19, in accordance with current recommendations. The doses were administered by doctors from the HPA (Health Protection Agency), guaranteeing the highest safety standards.

RIU’s two hotels in the country now offer even higher safety levels to their customers that travel to this destination thanks to both the vaccination campaign and RIU’s 17 safety and hygiene protocols, which have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic and continue to be applied in all hotels that the chain has reopened in several destinations. They were all included in a manual and have proven effective after over a year of successful application.

RIU arrived to this dream destination for the first time two years ago with two hotels. Both establishments offer RIU’s classic 24-hour all-inclusive service. They are connected by a bridge over the water that also houses luxurious suites where guests can enjoy a unique stay above the turquoise waters of the Maldives. Customers can opt for either the Riu Atoll or Riu Palace Maldivas, depending on which hotel best suits their needs. The last one is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy an extra touch of luxury during their holiday.

About RIU Hotels & Resorts

The international RIU chain was founded in Mallorca by the Riu family in 1953 as a small holiday firm and is still owned by the family's third generation. The company specialises in holiday resorts and over 70% of its establishments offer its acclaimed All Inclusive by RIU service. With the inauguration of its first city hotel in 2010, RIU is expanding its range of products with its own line of city hotels called Riu Plaza. RIU Hotels & Resorts now has 100 hotels in 20 countries. In 2020, the chain welcomed 2,3 million guests and provided jobs for a total of 24,425 employees. RIU is currently the world's 32nd ranked chain, one of the Caribbean's most popular, the third largest in Spain in terms of revenue and the fourth largest in number of rooms.