Hanover, 3 March 2021

TUI AGM on 25 March 2021 – New members for the Supervisory Board

  • Dr Jutta Dönges and Janina Kugel proposed for election to the Supervisory Board – Agreement with the Economic Stabilisation Fund (WSF) to be implemented
  • Peter Long resigns from the Supervisory Board with the regular expiry of his term of office / Angelika Gifford reduces number of mandates and ends activity on TUI Supervisory Board
  • Tanja Viehl and Mark Muratovic succeed Michael Pönipp and Dr. Dierk Hirschel as employee representatives

Dr Jutta Dönges, Managing Director of the Federal Finance Agency, and business manager Janina Kugel (including a member of the Executive Board of Siemens AG until 2020) have been nominated for election to the Supervisory Board of TUI AG. This will take place in the framework of the Annual General Meeting on 25 March 2021. When presenting the third stabilisation package, the company had already announced that two persons nominated by the Economic Stabilisation Fund (WSF) would become members of TUI's Supervisory Board. This agreement reached with the WSF in the framework of the stabilisation is to be implemented with the proposal and the election.

With the expiry of his regular term of office, Deputy Chairman Peter Long will end his time on the Supervisory Board. Angelika Gifford had informed the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr Dieter Zetsche, last year that she was reducing her mandates in view of a new management function in an international company and intended to end her activities on TUI's Supervisory Board by the 2021 AGM at the latest.

There are also two new appointments on the employee representative side: Michael Pönipp left the Group's Supervisory Board at the beginning of the passive part of his retirement at TUI Deutschland GmbH at the end of February. Dr Dierk Hirschel will leave at the end of his regular term of office at the end of the AGM on 25 March. Tanja Viehl and Mark Muratovic will be the new employee representatives on the Supervisory Board.

Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: "With Dr Jutta Dönges and Janina Kugel, we are proposing two new Supervisory Board members for election at the Annual General Meeting. Ms Dönges and Ms Kugel both bring extensive experience from their management and supervisory board functions in various companies, which is valuable for the Group, the TUI Supervisory Board and the Executive Board. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my deputy Peter Long for his services to TUI. Peter Long has very close ties with the Group – and as a tourism expert through and through he has played a decisive role in setting the course for the company in recent years and decades. I would like to thank Angelika Gifford most sincerely for her committed contribution to the development of the company in recent years – her digital expertise in particular has greatly enriched our work on the Supervisory Board. With Tanja Viehl and Mark Muratovic, we are gaining two new employee representatives of TUI for the Supervisory Board who know the sector very well. I would like to thank Michael Pönipp and Dr Dierk Hirschel very much for their good cooperation over the past years and wish them all the best for the future."

About TUI Group

TUI Group is one of the world's leading tourism groups and operates worldwide. The Group is headquartered in Germany. TUI shares are listed on the FTSE 250, an index of the London Stock Exchange, on the regulated market of the Hanover Stock Exchange and on the Open Market segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The TUI Group offers integrated services from a single source for its 27 million customers, 21 million of them in the European national companies.

The entire tourism value chain is covered under one roof. This includes over 400 hotels and resorts with premium brands such as RIU, TUI Blue and Robinson and 16 cruise ships, from the MS Europa and the MS Europa 2 in the luxury class and expedition ships to the Mein Schiff fleet of TUI Cruises and cruise ships at Marella Cruises in Great Britain. The Group also includes leading tour operator brands and online marketing platforms across Europe, five airlines with more than 100 modern medium and long-haul aircraft and over 1,000 travel agencies. In addition to expanding its core business with hotels, cruises via successful joint ventures and activities in holiday destinations, TUI is increasingly focusing on the expansion of digital platforms. The Group is transforming itself into a digital company.

Global responsibility for sustainable economic, ecological and social action is at the core of our corporate culture. The TUI Care Foundation, initiated by TUI, focuses on the positive effects of tourism, on education and training and on strengthening environmental and social standards with projects in 25 countries. It thus supports holiday destinations in their development.