Hanover, 17 February 2023

Capital reduction submitted to the commercial register for registration

At the Annual General Meeting of TUI AG on 14 February 2023, the shareholders approved a reduction of the share capital and thus a consolidation of shares at a ratio of 10:1 by a large majority (98.11 per cent). The capital reduction including the reverse stock split was submitted to the commercial register for registration on 16 February 2023 and became effective by publication on TUI's website.

TUI had previously issued around 1.79 billion shares. This number will now be reduced to around 179 million by the divisor ten – by combining 10 shares into one. TUI shareholders will be informed by their custodian banks in the coming week about this step and the corresponding implementation in their securities accounts.

In the event that the number of shares held is not divisible by 10, the procedure will be similar to that for a rights issue: The resulting partial rights can either be sold or partial rights are purchased in order to reach a number of shares divisible by 10. This step is also handled by the custodian banks on behalf of the shareholders. The conversion to the new share will take place from 24 February 2023, from which date only trading in the new share will be possible.

The consolidation of the shares is a prerequisite for the capital increase planned for the course of the year. The Group intends to use the proceeds to repay the state aid provided by the Economic Stabilisation Fund (WSF) until the end of the year. In addition, KfW's credit line is to be significantly reduced. TUI will provide information on the process for the planned capital increase in due course. A question and answer catalogue as well as information on the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting can be found here.