Our customers rely on us to provide them with special holidays at beautiful and welcoming tourist destinations. We need to make sure our holidays benefit local people and protect the environment, so that we can maintain the quality, viability and desirability of our products for many years to come.

We are involved in projects all around the world that support communities and reduce negative environmental impacts. Where we can, we focus on those destinations where we send the most customers and where we believe we can make the greatest difference.

Stakeholders in destinations have a significant role to play in sustainable tourism management. We work closely with communities, local and national governments, non-governmental organisations and trade associations to support the sustainable management of destinations.

TUI is on the Board of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and we encourage destinations to participate in their destinations programme.

TUI is also part of the sustainable tourism task force of the UNEP ten-year framework for sustainable consumption and production, adopted at the Rio+20 conference.

Bild Tunesien
Project Tunisia

In Tunisia we partnered with the German development agency GIZ to support a major project in Tunisia which focuses on training hotel managers, working with hotel schools, promoting tourism employment opportunities for women and linking local artisans with hotels.

TUI Cars

Since summer 2013, TUI Cars – one of Germany’s biggest car rental brokers – has been offsetting the full CO2 emissions for all hired cars based on precise mileage. So every ride is carbon-neutral. The costs for these offsets are not passed on to customers but borne completely by TUI Cars.

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TIMM Project

Cover study Measuring tourisms impact

We have trialled a ‘big picture’ approach to measuring and understanding the impact of tourism. In partnership with The Travel Foundation, and using a methodology developed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), we valued the various economic, fiscal, social and environmental impacts of tourism in Cyprus.