Building on the potential of the tourism sector as a force for good, the TUI Care Foundation supports and initiates projects which drives the sustainable development of tourism and improves the welfare of children and youth around the world. Connecting holidaymakers to good causes at their holiday destination, the TUI Care Foundation brings people together and fosters cultural understanding, education, economic prosperity and social development.

TUI Care Foundation works global and acts local - it builds on strong partnerships with local and international organisations to create meaningful and long lasting impact. The charitable foundation puts special emphasis on the transparency and the efficient use of funds. Therefore 100% of the donations go to projects and project partners with all overhead costs of the foundation covered by TUI.

Recent projects

Bild Weinanbau

The TUI Care Foundation supports a traditional wine growing business on Lanzarote at the La Geria vineyard, which offers young disabled individuals training and employment opportunities. The grape-vines nestling in the volcanic landscapes give tourists an insight into the island’s traditions, and the wines they produce are supplied to local restaurants and hotels.

Bild Elephant

The TUI Care Foundation collaborates with the World Animal Protection organization to protect elephants and support farmers in Tanzania. The farmers surround their fields with chilli plants and beehives to keep the animals away from their crops. Elephants don’t like the pungent odour of chillis and are frightened of bees. As a side effect, they can also create additional income by selling chillis and honey on local markets.

Thomas Ellerbeck

"Tourism drives economic development and is essential to social progress in many regions around the world. The TUI Care Foundation hopes to reinforce these positive effects. Under the revised strategy we support projects that promote the sustainable development of holiday destinations and offer better opportunities to young people all over the world."

Thomas Ellerbeck, Chairman of the TUI Care Foundation’s Board of Trustees