The thrill of seeing Africa’s Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and rhinos – draws visitors from around the world to South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Yet within a few miles of the park live hundreds of children whose families cannot afford to do the same; to make the short trip to see the beautiful creatures who roam practically on their doorstep. Now, with the help of TUI Care Foundation, these children are finally being given that opportunity.

Ecokidz and the wonders of wildlife

The Sefapane Community Development Fund organises a two-day adventure in the park for 400 schoolchildren each year. Not only do they experience the delight of seeing some of the world’s finest creatures close at hand, they also learn about Africa’s flora and fauna and why preserving and respecting the natural environment is so important.

In addition, 1,550 children in villages around the park now learn about nature and conservation at school through an interactive programme. Sefapane Ecokidz Kruger National Park, as the programme is known, isn’t just a one-off session. It’s become an integral part of the curriculum.

Project partner

Sefapane Community Development Fund is founded by Sefapane Lodge and Safaris to make a sustainable contribution to the communities around Phalaborwa. The fund focuses on local disadvantaged youth, with a focus on environmental education and sports.

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