Straws no more

In 2018, plastic straws were the item most commonly removed or replaced with a non-plastic alternative in our own hotels, with around 60 % reporting that they no longer provide plastic straws. Hotels also implemented measures to reduce or replace plastic cups, cutlery, stirrers, bottles, bags, bathroom amenities and packaging, contributing to the removal of 112 million pieces of single-use plastic.


Kicking plastic habit

TUI has developed guidelines to help Hoteliers implement plastic reduction programmes. Based on the ‘4 Rs’ principle (reduce, reuse, replace, recycle) they Include practical advice, suggested alternatives to single-use items and advice on communication with staff, guests and suppliers. Launched in early 2019, the guidelines are publicly available here.

Leading the way on waste

The following initiatives demonstrate best practice among our hotels in combatting plastics waste. Installing water fountains for refilling reusable polycarbonate glasses or paper cups helped the Atlantica Hotel Sancta Napa in Cyprus reduce use of single-use plastic bottles. Customers can buy a reusable plastic bottle, with 20 % of the cost donated to charity. On the Maldives our two Robinson Clubs produce their drinking water by desalination of salt water. Soda water is created by adding minerals and carbonic acid. The soda water is decanted into glass bottles which are cleaned locally, eliminating transport and disposal of around 800,000 plastic bottles annually. Since 2016, TUI Sensatori Barut Fethiye in Turkey has reduced 4,450 kg of plastic waste, thanks to a comprehensive plastic reduction strategy. Guests and staff are part of the effort. The hotel won a 2018 Travelife Waste Champions Award in the plastic waste management category.

From 2018 the Riu hotels in Spain, Portugal and Cape Verde have offered guests compostable straws. Riu, TUI Group’s largest hotel brand, will incorporate the straws into its hotels in the Americas in 2019. TUI Blue, TUI Magic Life and Robinson also offer environmentally sound alternatives to single-use plastic straws.