Less is more for plastic-free holidays

In 2018 TUI Cruises launched a plastic reduction program WASTELESS as part of its vision of plastic-free holidays on the Mein Schiff fleet. By end- 2020, plastic products and unnecessary disposables are set to be eliminated onboard all ships as well as on land, replaced with renewable and natural raw materials.

The program takes waste management to the next level, requiring Partners and suppliers, headquarters staff, crew members and guests to contribute to meeting the 2020 goal. Initially, the focus will be on implementing measures in the hotel, restaurant and bar areas.

Reducing plastic waste is not new for TUI Cruises. Cabins are already equipped with glass water jugs, which guests can fill at corridor water dispensers, eliminating the need for disposable plastic bottles. On all new TUI Cruises ships, cabin showers are equipped with a refillable shampoo and shower gel dispenser, saving 370,000 throw-away packs per year fleet-wide.

Among new measures are placing terry-cloth slippers in bathrobe pockets rather than packed individually in plastic, eliminating 250,000 plastic wrappings per year. In future, laundry bags made of bio-based plastic will replace 270,000 plastic bags. In the restaurant, bar and crew areas, the inner lining and lids of takeaway coffee cups are made of bio-based – not oil-based – plastic. Converting from plastic to wood stirrers saves 1.5 million plastic stirrers and next steps will be reducing over five million plastic cocktail sticks. Plastic straws are issued to guests only upon request, thereby saving annually approximately three million straws.

A plastic straw ban on all Marella Cruises ships keeps 1.8 m straws per year out of the waste stream. Other measures include removing cocktail stirrers, using cardboard packaging for grab-and-go foods and replacing individual plastic shampoo bottles with wall-mounted bathroom dispensers.

Watch TUI Cruises WASTELESS video here (in German):