The hotel brands of TUI Hotels & Resorts are among the environmental leaders at their locations and are committed to environmental protection. The hotels are involved in numerous projects and initiatives to protect the climate, the biodiversity and use resources efficiently.

Solar energy in Morocco

With a total area of 950 m², ROBINSON Club Agadir operated Morocco’s largest solar system for hotel facilities. The solar collectors installed on the roofs of the club buildings generate 2,600 kWh per day. The energy generated in this way and the heat recovered from the air conditioning systems are used to produce hot water and keep the pool complex warm. It covers about 70% of the hot water needed for the hotel rooms. Due to the success of the system, similar projects have been planned for the companies and hotels in the region. 

RIU biodiv

Biodiversity protection in Costa Rica

RIU has set up a private conservation area in Costa Rica, covering 200 hectares of land in the coastal mountain range of Matapalo, close to two RIU hotels. The reserve has been established by working in partnership with public and private entities and hopes to become an example of successful local management of natural resources. The site is part of a biological corridor called Chorotega, helping to maintain vital links between the nature conservation areas. The reserve is home to more than 250 plant and animal species, some of them facing extinction. RIU developed a strategic management plan to combat illegal hunting and to prevent forest fires. More information

water maledives

Avoiding waste on the Maldives

Plastic waste poses a particular danger at sea. To prevent pollution of the ocean from the use of plastic bottles on the islands, the two ROBINSON Clubs on the Maldives are avoiding waste thanks to its sustainable treatment of drinking water. The system uses osmosis to desalinate and purify seawater. By adding minerals and carbonic acid, the freshly generated drinking water is converted into soda water and decanted into one of 7,500 new glass bottles. The bottles are also cleaned locally which cuts out plastic waste altogether, eliminating the transport and disposal of around 800,000 plastic bottles annually.

cala sera

Heat generation on Mallorca

Heat production in the ROBINSON Club Cala Serena in Mallorca is saving significant amounts of carbon. Three 200-kW biomass boilers generate hot water, heating and pool heating. Thanks to the installation of a wood pellet system, around 220,000 litres of conventional heating oil are saved every year.