Our own hotels and hotel partners are expected to achieve credible, independent sustainability certifications to demonstrate social and environmental good practice. By 2020, our ambition is to extend the number of hotels with sustainability certifications to accommodate 10 million customers annually. 

We encourage all our hotels to obtain certification that meets the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) standard. Minimum expectations for accommodation suppliers are set out in a mandatory clause in our contracts and they are also required to work towards credible GSTC-recognised sustainability certification.

In 2018 as a result of these efforts, the number of customers staying in hotels certified to a GSTC standard rose by 11.9 % to 9.2 million across 1,520 hotels (up by 12.1 %), and 81% of TUI Hotels & Resorts held sustainability certifications. Critical to this success is the guidance TUI provides its hotel partners to help them prepare for certification, as well as improved and adjusted reporting processes.

Working together to create a better world

  • Sustainable Accommodation Leaflet for Hotels (Download)