Our Better Holidays, Better World strategy is most effective when our people are empowered to become ambassadors for sustainability. TUI provides opportunities for colleagues to engage through champion networks, sustainability-themed training, and supporting the work of the TUI Care Foundation.

A whole month of sustainability

In 2018 our champion networks supported TUI Care Foundation month to raise awareness of and support for the Foundation. Activities ranged from zero waste events to 500 turtle adoptions to fundraising initiatives that raised a total of 95,000 euros. The concept was carried out at different times in all markets. Auctions “from colleagues for colleagues” ranged from numerous different sports activities to photo shoots, drawing events, language courses through to music events. The TUI Care Foundation month created true engagement across the business and will come back in 2019.

We are the champions

The best sustainability change agents are our own employees. Our TUI champion networks exist to engage colleagues on sustainability, support our strategy and expand charitable activities.

TUI BENELUX: To boost involvement, the sustainability department posted innovative job vacancies for sustainability champions, advertising for 50 new CEOs – or Chief Environmental Officers. Colleagues had to explain why they wanted these positions from a sustainability perspective. The successful champions meet quarterly for updates from the sustainability team, then cascade this information within their own departments.

TUI GERMANY: Some 20 core champions meet bi-monthly and were active in the TUI Care Foundation campaign month. A current focus is to boost biodiversity around the TUI Germany office precinct.

TUI UK & IRELAND: Waste was a key priority for the office based champions in 2018. This included improving signage and communication to encourage more recycling at the Luton office and community litter pickup events.

Mastering sustainability

Sustainability is embedded in training across TUI, from inductions and manuals to management development programmes. Raising awareness about sustainability is the first step. From intranets, newsletters and videos, to blogs, townhalls and dedicated initiatives, TUI works to get the word out to colleagues across the organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion

At TUI, we know people are as diverse as the destinations we send our customers to. Just as travel is about exploration, we are on a journey to make our work culture always more inclusive. More...