Reducing the environmental impact of holidays

A healthy planet and a healthy travel and tourism industry go hand-in-hand. That’s why conserving natural resources and mitigating negative environmental impacts are vital to our business. We are committed to continuously reducing the environmental impact of our holidays.

Ambition by 2020

We will operate Europe’s most carbon-efficient airlines and reduce the carbon intensity of our operations by 10 % by 2020.

As measured in terms of TUI Airlines’ average grams of carbon emitted per revenue passenger kilometre (g CO2 / rpk), benchmarked against industry data, independent rankings, and carbon intensity metrics from our cruise and ground operations (TUI Hotels & Resorts and ground transport).

Progress in 2019

TUI Airlines’ carbon emissions were 65.2g per revenue passenger kilometre (g CO2 / rpk) in 2019 – a 3.6 % reduction since 2014, our baseline year. In the 2018 atmosfair Airline Index, TUI Airways (in the UK) and TUI fly Germany were independently ranked #1 and #4, respectively, as the most carbon-efficient airlines globally.

In 2019, carbon emissions per cruise passenger night were 99 kg CO2, a 13.6 % reduction compared to the 2015 baseline (114 kg).

In 2019, average carbon emissions per guest night from TUI Hotels & Resorts was 9.5 kg of CO2, a  5.2% reduction compared to the 2015 baseline (9.9 kg).

Ground transport
In 2019, carbon emissions from our coach transport companies were on average 25.7 g of CO2 per passenger kilometre, a 3.7 % reduction compared to the 2015 baseline (26.7 g).