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As a company with a substantial carbon footprint we acknowledge the necessity to transition to a lower carbon economy and we will continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations.

In the long term, combating climate change will be critical for our industry as a whole. We need to continue to sell quality holiday experiences, which rely on beautiful biodiverse destinations, thriving communities, stable weather systems and personal comfort. All of these are threatened by climate change. Our carbon management programme covers aviation, hotels, cruise, offices, retail shops and ground transport emissions. These areas of our business each have clear and stretching targets for improvement.

Aviation accounts for over 80% of our carbon footprint, and a key area of focus is therefore on reducing the climate impact of our TUI airlines.

We will continue operating Europe’s most carbon-efficient airlines and reduce the carbon intensity of our operations by 10% by 2020

Carbon emissions of TUI Group in financial year 2018