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Beautiful biodiverse and unique destinations are the heart of our holidays, and we are proud of the role our industry plays in protecting and preserving them. Tourism can be a real force for good, from generating the transfer of wealth to promoting cultural understanding and tolerance.

But we know that travel and tourism can also have unintended negative consequences. Water, for example, is likely to become increasingly scarce in the coming decades and waste management is a challenge in many destinations. We rely on thriving communities to welcome our customers in destinations. That means it’s important that the benefits of tourism reach the local community, in the form of jobs and educational opportunities and human rights are protected along our value chain.

One of our key areas of focus is the hotel – the largest component of the holiday experience. Our expectation of hotels that work with us is that they will commit to social and environmental good practice. TUI customer surveys also indicate that our most sustainably-managed hotels deliver higher quality and customer satisfaction.

We will deliver 10 million greener and fairer holidays per year by 2020, enabling more local people to share in the benefits of tourism