During the night of 16 March, in accordance with the instructions of the respective governments, we had to suspend the majority of all travel activities, including package tours, cruises and hotel operations until further notice. With this temporary suspension, TUI is contributing to the global efforts to mitigate the effects of the spread of COVID-19.

In today's rapidly changing environment, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees around the world remain of paramount importance. How we do this and what happens behind the scenes at TUI is described in our corona virus TUI Ticker. The TUI Ticker supports the media in their work in the best possible way – and provides interested parties with maximum transparency.

+++ 6 April +++

TUI Cabin Crew help St. John Ambulance relieve pressure on the NHS

The expertise and first aid training of TUI Airways cabin crew will be utilised across hospitals nationwide as TUI UK supports a new St John Ambulance scheme to help tackle the Coronavirus by relieving pressure on the NHS.

“We really need more businesses to let their trained staff volunteer in this crisis. St John Ambulance needs the support of the public, businesses and clarity from the government to let volunteers volunteer more than ever as we enter our biggest operation in our 143-year history.”

Managing Director of TUI Airways, Dawn Wilson commented, “Our cabin crew are uniquely placed to support this scheme. Of course, their first aid training will be an advantage, but the most important skills are the ability to keep calm under pressure, have a real empathy for people who need support and be ready to put a patient’s welfare first.  This could be a job advert for TUI cabin crew who have all these abilities in abundance”

TUI Airways flew home its final passengers last weekend and operations are now paused until travel restrictions can be relaxed.  More than 2,400 cabin crew are waiting to take to the skies again and are keen to use their skills to support the NHS.

Greetings from South East Asia

In the meantime, holidaymakers from long-haul destinations have also been able to return home. The Robinson Club Khao Lak in Thailand said goodbye to its remaining guests last week. The staff of the resort are glad that everyone was able to return home safely, but they are already missing the holidaymakers on site. For all those who already have itchy feet at home, the colleagues send greetings from the palm-lined beach of the club.

Just married… on HANSEATIC inspiration.

Last week a wedding took place on board the HANSEATIC inspiration. Louise and Bertram, both from our kitchen team, said “Yes” to each other. It is an Austrian-Swiss love story that began two years ago on the old HANSEATIC.

The announcement of the wedding has encouraged many crew members to play an active role in the preparations. Wedding rings were made, music was rehearsed, wedding presents were made and a special cake was baked.

The wedding ceremony finally took place after sunset in the Observation Lounge with the participation of almost the entire crew. Chef Tobias Schnieders led the bride to the “altar”, Captain Ulf Wolter led the ceremony. It was a very emotional moment – for everybody involved.

With a long tone from the ship's horn of the HANSEATIC inspiration, the bond of marriage was finally sealed.

+++ 3 April +++


We have reached the final phase of the retrieval operation. Today, four planes are taking off to bring our guests home.

With sheets against the mask shortage

The hotel brand RIU has organised extensive donations for social and medical needs after the closure of its hotels. The hotels on the Canary and Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland have donated a total of around 22 tonnes of food to various organisations. In addition, 40,000 gloves, 25,000 masks and 5,000 litres of disinfectants and cleaning products were provided to combat the spread of the corona virus. To enable the production of further masks, the hotel colleagues also donated around 15,000 square metres of sheets. In Mexico and Jamaica, employees were also provided with food donations during these challenging times.

HANSEATIC nature – Walk the Cruise

What does the crew actually do on a ship without guests? Are all departments occupied? The HANSEATIC nature is currently on its way back to the port of Hamburg (Germany). But the crew is not just spending time on doing some maintenance and repair work. They started an iniative called “Walk the Cruise”. It is about covering the total distance of the voyage of 7,700 nautical miles by foot on our circuit on deck 9. This means, each crew member has to walk or jog 28 laps of 135 metres each day and enter this value in a list. This corresponds to 3.8 kilometres. The calculation is: 138 crew members times 27 days times 135 meters times 28 laps equals 14,084 kilometers. Divided by 1.852, it comes to about 7,600 nautical miles.

+++ 2 April +++


For over two weeks we are working hard to repatriate our guests safely. Today seven aircrafts are taking off to bring back more guests.

A small gift for looking after guests in difficult times

TUI Magic Life Fuerteventura has also found a good solution for the remaining food following the closure of the club. While many inhabitants of the Canary Islands were able to stock up on supplies before curfew in Spain, around 80 club employees worked tirelessly for the guests. Their aim was to make the stay as pleasant as possible for the holidaymakers despite all restrictions. The colleagues were therefore very pleased that the club's donation enabled them to take some food supplies home. A small gift of fruit, bread, cereals, dairy products and cold cuts but with a “large scale” – around 700 kilos of food changed hands.


With the disembarkation of the Explorer 2, all TUI cruise ships have now completed their regular voyages. We are now taking care of cases of guests who need special assistance on their journey home.

A “Thank you” from India

This video message reached us from a customer in India. We are happy that our colleagues were able to help her and hope to see her soon on one of our trips.

+++ 1 April +++


The repatriation campaign continues: Today seven aircrafts are taking off to bring back more guests.

TUI GROUP HR Director Elke Eller says “Thank you!”

In a LinkedIn article, Elke Eller thanks the entire TUI workforce for their commitment and solidarity over the past few weeks.

Crew says goodbye to passengers

Pure emotions: The TUI Cruises crew gave their all again at the farewell of the last guests of Mein Schiff 2. In the meantime all our guests have safely arrived home and we are already looking forward to hopefully welcoming you back on board soon.

TUI Number One Sustainable Brand

A piece of good news in the midst of the Corona crisis: According to the Sustainable Brand Index™, TUI is perceived as the most sustainable travel brand by consumers in Sweden and Denmark.

Sustainability is of high priority for us at TUI, it’s important to our customers, partners and employees. Enormously proud that consumers recognize TUI’s hard work to reduce emissions and enhance the positive impacts of tourism.

+++ 31 March +++


The repatriation of our guests is now at its final stages. Today, five planes are starting to bring back more guests.

Letter from Fritz Joussen

In a personal letter on LinkedIn, TUI Group CEO Fritz Joussen expresses his gratitude and praises the worldwide commitment of TUI colleagues.

Back from Dubai!

… and thus probably one of the longest TUI fly Germany flights in recent times.

A repatriation flight, which had been postponed for four days due to missing landing permission for Dubai, finally took place last Friday. Equipped with a special permit, nine crew members set off with the D-AHLK from Munich to Dubai DWC. There 180 guests came on board, among them cruise passengers and a honeymoon couple who had been stranded in Dubai on their way to the Maldives. Before take-off, the captain gave a speech from the cabin which ended in a long applause from our passengers. They were very happy and grateful that TUI fly Germany brought them home. A big thank you goes to all those involved in the cockpit and cabin crew. The flight was exhausting, emotional, professional and yet full of good humour. And it showed ones more: The TUI fly family sticks together even in the most difficult times!

Hotels in Majorca donate food

The colleagues from Grupotel, the TUI Group's largest joint venture partner on the Balearic Islands, also started out with delivery vans full of food. The food donations from the meanwhile closed hotels went to charitable organisations in Majorca. These included “Es Refugi”, which works to improve living conditions for people in social disadvantage, to the Caritas of the Sa Pobla community and to the Christian charity “Hermanitas de la Caridad”. 

+++ 30 March +++


For two weeks now we have been picking up our stranded customers from destinations and bringing them home safely. Today, nine planes are taking off to bring back more guests.

Danish Foreign Office thanks

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked TUI Denmark for its support in return campaigns for Danish holidaymakers. In the video they praise the good cooperation and talk about how important the help of tour operators has been in recent days.

Musement Smart Working Manifesto

How does the cooperation work when nobody works in the office anymore? Our Italian colleagues from Musement provide answers in their “Smart Working Manifesto”. They have summarised what is important: energy, cooperation, proximity, communication, coordination, flexibility, balance, gratitude. These are principles that are also lived out in the parent company TUI, where currently most colleagues also make use of the flexible working possibilities.

TUI acquired the Milan-based technology start-up Musement 18 months ago and is developing it into the world's leading platform for tours and activities. More than 250,000 offers are already available on the platform.

Holidaymakers say thank you

For two weeks now, our colleagues from airlines, hotels, cruise lines and Destination Experiences have been working closely together to bring our customers safely back home. Now we received two thank-you messages from customers who were stranded in Myanmar and Costa Rica.

The planned trip to Myanmar from 10.3. to 26.3. was abruptly interrupted by the rapid development of the corona crisis – and without the crisis management of TUI among others we would probably still be in Myanmar. We are simply very grateful. So many people were there for us around the clock.

Costa Rica
“Little mother's heart in great distress” is how I launched my call for help to TUI's crisis management. My 19-year-old daughter had been in Costa Rica as a “volunteer” since August 2019 to support a primary school project and a project to save the sea turtles with her work.

Her Lufthansa return flight ticket was originally booked for 20.5.20, but the travel warnings of the German Foreign Office prompted us to do everything we could to get her back earlier. In my greatest need, the crisis management was available 24/7 for me and supported me actively and emotionally… always showed me a plan B and plan C, did not let me down! I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, all employees in TUI crisis management for their great work and support in this exceptional situation.

+++ 29 March +++


For almost two weeks now we have been picking up our guests from the destinations and bringing them home safely. Today 7 aircrafts are taking off throughout the group to bring back more guests.

HANSEATIC inspiration – a ship waiting

Our newest member to the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet is currently at sea on the way on a ferry from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Bridgetown on Barbados. It's 3,124 nautical miles we cover, 5,785 kilometers. Ten sea days in one piece. Afterwards the ship will stay in Bridgetown for the time being.

Currently there are 148 crew members on board the ship. They are using the time to carry out maintenance work that one would not get to during normal operations with passengers on board. This includes an intensive basic cleaning of all areas. Carrying out work involving noise and odours. There are also various training courses for the crew. But still, this is an absolutely exceptional situation for the whole team and they are hoping to return to their normal routine soon.

Farewell in Mexico

Our colleagues at the TUI SENSATORI Riviera Cancun Hotel in Mexico gave their last guests an amazing see off. Yesterday, the whole team said goodbye to the final guests leaving Cancun before being repatriated back to the UK.

+++ 28 March +++


The repatriation of our guests is at its final stages. For almost two weeks we have been picking up our guests from the destinations and bringing them home safely. Today, 13 aircrafts throughout the group are taking off to bring back more guests.

German Federal Government approves KfW bridging loan

TUI AG today received the approval of the German government for a bridging loan of 1.8 billion euros from the KfW. Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group: “The commitment of the KfW bridge loan is an important first step for TUI to successfully bridge the current exceptional situation. Our thanks go to the German Federal Government, the German parliament, the Government of Lower Saxony and KfW. They have acted quickly and in a solution-oriented manner in the interest of our customers, employees and the company. TUI is a very healthy company. We were economically successful before the crisis and will be again after the crisis.”


Even though we had to temporarily suspend most of our travel activities, everyone is working extremely hard and committed to bringing thousands of guests home and maintaining the TUI Smile. To demonstrate what is happening behind the scenes, we have called on all colleagues worldwide to send us their best pictures of their work at home, virtual team meetings or from the destinations, hotels, aircraft or cruise ships. Here is the result:

We are with you in our heart

Under the motto "In our hearts we are with you" some RIU hotels were given special lighting yesterday. A beautiful sign of cohesion, which also supports the "Stay at Home" initiative.

+++ 27 March +++


The repatriation flights of our guests are now at its final stages. More than 95 percent of TUI holidaymakers have landed safely at home. Today, 11 aircraft are taking off across the Group to bring back more guests.

RIU supports #stayathome initiative

RIU colleagues join the “Stay at Home” initiative. As a sign of support, the Riu Plaza España in Madrid yesterday illuminated the windows with “QuedateEnCasa” (“Stay at Home”). This is intended as a sign of the measures being taken to help slow down COVID-19 infections.

TUI Cruises Crews

Due to the travel warning issued by the Federal Foreign Office for all non-essential travel, TUI Cruises has suspended its cruise operations for the time being until 30 April 2020. Against this background, cruise lines, together with the employers for the crews, have concluded a special agreement with the international transport workers' union ITF regulating the working conditions for the crew:

As there is no longer a regular guest service, many crew members have less or sometimes nothing to do on board. The working hours and correspondingly the remuneration will therefore be adjusted. Crew members with expiring contracts who cannot be flown to their home countries due to logistical challenges (availability of flights, short-term changes in entry and exit regulations) will remain on board. Here TUI Cruises provides board and lodging. There are many crew members who want to go home, but also a great many who want to stay on board. TUI Cruises and the respective employers of the crew try to do justice to all of them in the best way possible. We understand that the current situation is stressful for everyone, including the remaining crew on board. Therefore we try – together with the respective employers – to make the stay on board as pleasant as possible through a variety of measures:

  • We have opened public areas such as restaurants, bars and the pool deck to the crew.
  • We have sent free internet contingents to all crew members to enable them to contact home.
  • As usual, German teachers, among others, offer the possibility of free classes on board.

Every crew member of the Mein Schiff fleet has done extraordinary things for our guests during the last weeks. We are very grateful for this.

Corona Playlist for the weekend

Despite extensive restrictions on going out, TUI Austria is putting a smile on colleagues faces at the start of the weekend. The playlist is for relaxing, smiling and switching off and intends to make the time of isolation/quarantine more pleasant. Stay at home and healthy!

+++ 26 March +++


Today, the focus is again on bringing holidaymakers back home from long-haul destinations. Throughout the Group, 11 aircrafts are taking off today to rescue our guests.

249 British Tourists stranded in Goa Fly Home in TUI Airways

As many as 249 British tourists stranded in Goa left for Manchester in a special TUI Airways flight early Wednesday. The central government made a special exception for the exit of the stranded tourists. The British guests were very relieved and got home safely.

Donation to disadvantaged people

The German non-profit association “Die Tafel” is strongly affected by the spread of the coronavirus. Many distribution points have temporarily suspended their operations, others have set up emergency operations with minimal social contacts. After the closure of the TUI Blue Hotel and the Robinson Club in Fleesensee/Germany, both hotels have donated their no longer needed food to the local “Warener Tafel”. The scope of supply ranged from vegetables, eggs and dairy products to mushroom pâté and pork roast with crackling. The non-profit association “Die Tafel” collects surplus, well-preserved food and distributes it to socially and economically disadvantaged people.

Social Media Campaign: Share your favorite travel memory

Despite everything that is happening now, we can still travel – in our minds. Our message “Don't stop dreaming – we will soon be taking off again” has received a very positive response – both externally and internally. Therefore, we want to continue to communicate #dontstopdreaming as the main message and create content that inspires our customers to keep their travel desire alive. The idea is to use travel memories as a reminder of how wonderful it is to travel and let all these memories be an inspiration to long, dream and plan the next holiday.

+++ 25 March +++


Since 10 days our colleagues from airlines, hotels, cruise lines and Destination Experiences have been working closely together to bring our customers safely back home. In the meantime, over 95 per cent of TUI holidaymakers have landed safely back home. These are mainly holidaymakers from short- and medium-haul destinations. Now the focus is on long-haul destinations. Today, 11 aircraft are taking off across the Group as part of the repatriation campaign.

TUI Germany Repatriation flights

TUI Germany has almost completed its repatriation programme for holidaymakers stranded abroad with its own customers and commissioned flights for the Federal Foreign Office. Between 94 and 95 per cent of the tourists stranded due to the Corona crisis have meanwhile returned to Germany. Within ten days, TUI fly Germany has brought almost 70,000 people with 350 flights to Germany.

Goodbye in Soma Bay

We also said goodbye to the two remaining holidaymakers at the ROBINSON Club Soma Bay in Egypt. The couple always spend several months with us in the club and it was not clear at first whether they would be able to take the return flight. After consultation with the doctor, however, they were given the green light and were classified as "fit to fly". We are happy that Elke and Otto (middle of the picture) have arrived safely at home.

Virtual TUI BLUE For Families Concept training

Last week our TUI Blue teams have been trained and are ready to open the summer season. Due to the corona outbreak the organization team switched from training on-site in Mallorca to train our BLUE Guide Managers and Team Leaders virtually. Thanks to all participants and trainers for being so flexible and making this possible.

+++ 24 March +++


Our repatriation flights continue: Today, a total of 21 aircraft take off worldwide to bring our guests back home. Since the short and medium-haul destinations have almost been evacuated, we are now focusing more on customers who are still in destinations such as Thailand or Mexico.

Great teamwork at TUI Germany

The colleagues at TUI Germany are also sticking together and supporting each other in this challenging situation. Over 300 colleagues from various departments volunteered to support the crisis team and support centre. In order to be able to handle the flood of customer enquiries, 100 of them were retrained in tui.com customer communication. This will ensure faster processing. 

But support is also provided virtually – last week a corona chat bot went live on the German tui.com booking site. The not answers the five most important customer questions and is intended to relieve our colleagues. This is a good example of what we can get up and running in a very short time.

Virtual exchange with managers

In order to stay in touch with their teams and to ensure the most transparent communication possible in times of crisis, our managers have been very creative over the last few days.

For example TUI Group CEO Fritz Joussen and HR Director Elke Eller answered employees' questions in live chats. TUI Germany CEO Marek Andryszak and TUI fly CEO Oliver Lackmann also answered employees' questions in online Q&A sessions. The TUI Nordic Board provides daily updates via video messages shared on the intranet and colleagues in Belgium and the Netherlands have organised webinars to keep their staff up to date. Especially in times of crisis, an open and regular exchange of information is crucial for success.

+++ 23 March +++


The majority of our guests have now arrived safely at home and we are continuing to intensify our efforts. Instead of the originally planned 29 aircraft, a total of 41 planes group-wide is taking off today to bring guests back from e.g. Cape Verde, Egypt, India and Thailand.

Nightshift for TUI Denmark colleagues

All our colleagues are currently working around the clock, to get holidaymakers back home safely. Today our press colleague from TUI Denmark received a call from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the middle of the night asking for help, because Danish exchange students were stuck in the Dominican Republic. The girls were not allowed to check in their luggage, because they did not have a ticket. The press office talked to airport authorities, who in the end let the girls board the plane. TUI Denmark also helped the Danish Embassy in Mexico to bring back exchange students from Mexico. The girls’ parents were really happy and called the Danish TUI office with tears of joy to thank them.

TUI UK retail shops are closing temporarily

The health and safety of our retail colleagues and our customers is our highest priority.

In line with Government advice on social distancing, we've closed our doors to limit the amount of contact our retail advisors are exposed to. They're still working hard to help all our affected customers amend their bookings, as well as helping our customers find their perfect holiday.

Customers are being encouraged to reach their local TUI Travel Advisors by telephone and advised they can find the phone number for their local store online.

Our doors will be open as soon as possible, until then our retail team is looking forward to speaking with our customers and helping them discover their smile in a different way for the time being.

ROBINSON Club Arosa does not stand still

The colleagues from Switzerland have said goodbye to their last guests, but behind the scenes work is still going on:

  • Perishable goods are distributed to a local asylum seekers' home, and food is also sold to private households.
  • Disinfectants are given away to a retirement home and a medical centre in the region.
  • The ski instructors clean the ventilators in the rooms, clear out all the storage facilities and, from today on the are painting the entire spa area. The bar and restaurant will also be refurbished.
  • The housekeeping team cleans all curtains, blankets, pillows, furs, upholstery and carpets.

As you can tell, the whole team is already looking forward to the next season.

TUI DX colleagues stay fit

As most of our office based colleagues need to work from home, also our TUI DX colleagues are coming back from their destinations. In order to stay connected with each other and stay fit and healthy, TUI DX is organizing virtual workout classes such as Zumba or Yoga. Via their Instagram account they keep everybody informed about the next sport sessions.

Link zum Account: https://www.instagram.com/tuidx/?hl=de

+++ 22 March +++


Today, a total of 83 planes throughout the Group take off to bring guests back home.

TUI Airways helps UK embassy in Morocco

In addition to the scheduled flights, the British colleagues have provided five aircraft to help the British Embassy in Morocco to fly 4,000 EU citizens back home within two days. In total, TUI Airways is helping 8,000 British citizens to fly home.

+++ 21 March +++


Today, a total of 99 planes throughout the Group take off for destinations such as the Canary Islands, Egypt, Spain, Mauritius, Thailand or India to bring guests back home.

TUI fly Belgium helps from the home office

The safety of our guests has top priority and TUI colleagues around the world are working around the clock to help customers and bring them home safely. Just like the colleagues at TUI fly Belgium, for example. So far, more than 18,136 telephone calls, 4774 messages in social media, 1701 e-mails and 1125 live chats have been received, some of which were processed from the home office. Even if it is taking a little longer than usual at the moment, we are not giving up.

ROBINSON Clubs say goodbye to guests

The ROBINSON Clubs Nobilis (Turkey) and Cala Serena (Mallorca) also had to close for the time being. This week the colleagues have said goodbye to their last guests. Even though the season is now being postponed, everyone is optimistic and is looking forward to welcoming guests again soon.

Robinson Club Cala Serena

Robinson Club Nobilis

TUI Cruises in action

In TUI Cruises' Customer Service crisis room, deployment plans are drawn up, tasks are being noted and distributed and training courses are being organised for colleagues from other departments to provide support.

Our service team works tirelessly to handle the ships and answer all guest enquiries. Last weekend, over 60,000 call attempts and 20,000 e-mails were received. Many colleagues were on duty during the weekend to handle them and many colleagues from other departments already support our service team. In addition, 14 travel managers, who usually work on our ships, were brought and are now on duty for our guests from the shore.


+++ 20 MARCH 2020 +++

TUI returns Holidaymakers back home

We are increasing our efforts to bring our guests back home. Instead of the 42 flights originally planned, a total of 50 aircrafts are taking off across the Group to bring holidaymakers back home from the Canary Islands and Egypt.

Crisis Teams work all around the clock

Our crisis management teams in the markets, divisions and at Group level are working together to help us manage this situation. TUI is well managed and resilient business and experienced in managing crises like this. Our employees in destinations and in source markets are trained in dealing with challenging situations. Our leaders are making positive pragmatic decisions to manage the business, care for our customer and protect cash. We are therefore, very confident that we will emerge from this crisis stronger.


TUI Blue Schladming

In times like these, cohesion is more important than ever. But cohesion also means helping each other. Therefore the colleagues of the TUI Blue Schladming (Austria) handed over the remainders of perishable food to a senior citizens' centre in Gröbming before the hotel closed on Sunday.

The COVID Blue’s

To cheer you up and just in time for the weekend, our colleagues from TUI Blue have put together a playlist for the quarantine/isolation period. Stay at home. Stay healthy.

+++ 19 March 2020 +++

TUI returns holidaymakers back home

Yesterday (March 18th) 48 flights took off to the Canary Islands and Egypt to bring our guests back home. Today, a total of 45 aircraft are taking off for these destinations throughout the Group.

British ski holidaymakers are brought back home

Our colleagues from TUI DX helped to get 3,000 British Crystal Ski guests in France, scattered around 24 different French resorts, the majority of them in the valleys of Val d‘Isere, Tignes and La Plagne and Les Arcs home. Around 150 colleagues worked hand in hand on this.

TUI Germany takes a break until 23 April

Today TUI Germany decided to pause its worldwide travel programme until 23 April. This way TUI wants to give holidaymakers planning security for the Easter holidays. Holidaymakers whose TUI trip falls during this period will be actively informed. Germany's leading tour operator asks for your understanding for time delays, as the large number of travel bookings are processed according to departure date.

Smile manoeuvre of Marella Discovery 2

A smile in such uncertain times: Marella Discovery 2 shared a friendly smile of support while carrying out routine manoeuvres before anchoring in Montego Bay, Jamaica where she waits to set sail again.

The smile measures at 12 nautical miles high, and 16 nautical miles wide.

Captain Jason Ikiadis and our bridge team worked together to trace the TUI smile as they wanted to do something that would make both our customers and teams smile as a thank you for supporting us during these unprecedented times.