TUI Holiday Atlas: Samos is trend destination in Norway

Find out why Samos is such a popular destination this year.

George Chatzimichalis: Samos

George Chatzimichalis
George Chatzimichalis, Purchasing Manager, TUI Group Product & Purchasing

As holiday bookings made with the world’s leading tourism group TUI have shown, European holidaymakers’ favourite getaway is the Mediterranean. This year’s number one travel destination among European travellers is Spain, followed by Greece and Turkey. Italy and Cyprus, which rank fourth and fifth, are also in vogue. However, the map of people’s favourite travel destinations also features a number of surprising spots. A complete overview of this year’s most popular travel destinations is available here.

We have interviewed our colleagues from Product & Purchasing about a number of holiday destinations and their rising popularity. In the next few weeks, you will gain insights into a number of destinations and learn more about the surprising favourite spots booked by European holidaymakers. Talking to George Chatzimichalis, we are seeking to find out why Samos is so popular this year, above all in Norway. This year Samos is the fifth most popular destination in Norway.

Why is Samos so popular this year especially in Norway?
Samos has always been a popular destination in Norway and in Scandinavian countries in general. In fact, the first charter with tourists that came to Samos back in the 70’s was from Scandinavia. It’s the authenticity and the pure beauty of the island that attracts the Scandinavians and this year especially the Norwegians. 

What is your task in Samos? How do you contribute to the holiday experience?
My task is to ensure that we can offer the beds for all source markets at the right rates and at the right time. I’m always looking for new hotels to work with and to offer our guests more choices in Samos. I make sure to maintain our important relationships with our hotel local partners. My goal is always the same: guests who visit Samos should have a unique experience which they will want to share with their friends.

What is new in our program in Samos this year?
TUI has a great share in Samos and we contribute to a sustainable growth and development here. We have exclusive cooperation with hoteliers here. TUI offers three hotel concepts, TUI FAMILY LIFE, SUNEO  and TIME TO SMILE, and we have planned to expand our program in Samos for all our source markets in the next season.

What do you love most about Samos?
Samos is more than just a destination for me. Samos is my home. I love the fantastic beaches with the crystal clear water and the green landscape of the island. I chose to stay on Samos with my family because of the quality of life, the safety and authenticity of the island.

Can you tell us an insider tip? – What do people have to see in Samos?
First of all, two places on Samos, Pythagoreion and Iraion, have been declared as world cultural heritage monuments by UNESCO. Moreover, we have the Eupalinus Tunnel, an aqueduct build in 6th century BC and is considered as one of the most important engineering achievements of ancient times. On top of that, Samos has 240 beaches and 65 picturesque traditional villages.

Describe your destination in 3 Words:
Natural Beauty, history, people.