Entertainment included

This is how the entertainment team of the all-inclusive club brand TUI MAGIC LIFE prepares for the holiday season.

The setting: TUI MAGIC LIFE Waterworld in Turkey. Before the club opened its doors for its guests this year, its own employees visited the resort. The occasion: The annual Entertainment Camp, at which all sports programmes and shows for the forthcoming season are being rehearsed. Its participants, however, do not only include sports coaches and dancers. Sound & light staff, the water sports stations and children’s reps also take part to get updated.

Quality ranks top

More than 200 participants visit the resort during the sweaty training weeks in the resort. Upon the end of the camp, they directly travel to their clubs in which they will entertain the guests this summer. A particularly wide selection of sports programmes and activities is one of the highlights of the TUI MAGIC LIFE brand, so that high-quality training of the entertainers is enormously important. Quality standards are high, and they pay off: The entertainment programmes have the highest customer satisfaction levels within TUI Group. In order to maintain this level, the club standards are repeated time and again in the course of the training sessions until they become second nature. The hallmarks of today’s entertainment are enthusing and inspiring people without being intrusive. Creating MAGIC Moments, as they say at TUI MAGIC LIFE.

Like an international family

At times, up to 22 nationalities share the camp. The participants come from different countries in Europe, North Africa or South America, contributing their own individual talents and temperaments to the shows and sports programmes. Many of them even completed classical dance training or worked as circus acrobats before joining the team. However, the Entertainment Camp also marks the start of new friendships among the employees. No matter how different colleagues may be, the team becomes their substitute family during the season. During the intensive training sessions, they quickly get to know each other and build a common team spirit. The entertainers exchange tips and learn from one another. Actually, many employees had previously been TUI MAGIC LIFE guests themselves. Thanks to the entertrainee programme, enabling holidaymakers to be an entertainer for a day, they have already gained a first impression. If they stay on, they will also face good career advancement opportunities in the club and may become entertainment managers or supervisors for certain areas.