26 December 2019

Moving heaven and earth

TUI DX employees showed great commitment to prevent a holiday disaster for a guest in a wheelchair

Finally leaving for your holiday – the best time of the year. However, some guests need special support to ensure their holidays will actually be an unforgettable experience. This was the case for a young woman from the UK who recently travelled to Ibiza with TUI. She needs a wheelchair specifically designed for her mobility impairment. However, when she arrived at the Mediterranean island’s airport with two family members, she realised that her wheelchair had been severely damaged on the flight. “A disaster,” says Louise Fontava, TUI Destination Experiences (TUI DX) travel rep. “Without the wheelchair, she was basically confined to bed, unable to leave her hotel room.”

However, Louise Fontava started moving heaven and earth to ensure the guest was going to have wonderful holiday despite the difficult start. She contacted both the airport’s and the hotel’s maintenance department to get the damaged wheelchair repaired – but her efforts were in vain, as the required spare parts were unavailable. But the travel rep worked tirelessly to solve the problem. She found and contacted the manufacturer of the special wheelchair in the UK, who immediately shipped the missing parts to the dream island by air – finally, the repair became possible! However, meanwhile three days had passed. For Louise Fontava, this was not yet the perfect ending to the story – together with other staff members working for TUI DX, the world’s leading provider of destination experiences, she rounded off the happy ending. They arranged a dinner at TUI SENSATORI Resort and even managed to extend the holiday – by three days.