19 December 2019

Travelling to the sea one more time

A TUI BLUE hotel accompanied a holidaymaker during her last journey

Enjoying the sun, the south, the sea one more time – feeling the sunshine warming up your skin. Elisa knows this might be her last holiday. Breast cancer, her medical diagnosis gives some cause for hope. Elisa has just started a new treatment, but it has already left its mark on the elderly lady from the UK. She has lost her hair, has lost a lot of weight and needs a wheelchair. However, she does not want to hide away from people – after all, why should she? And she wants to enjoy the sun, the south, the sea one more time – once again, perhaps for the last time? 

With her partner Frank, she arrives at TUI BLUE Marmaris, located in the south of the Turkish Aegean, for a holiday. The air is clear, the light softens contours and contrast. Sometimes Marmaris looks almost freshly washed. The holiday has been arranged by Frank’s brother Mike and his wife Mel. Elisa was their bridesmaid when they got married 38 years ago, and the two couples want to celebrate the wedding anniversary. However, two days later Elisa is in a bad condition. A doctor decides that she has to be taken to hospital, immediately! And yet, Mike’s and Mel’s wedding anniversary, which they had wanted to celebrate together, is still to come. The hotel staff go out of their way to support the couples. “Frank had told us that Elisa fancied our banana smoothies,” remembers BLUE Guide manager Ruthe Ege. “We therefore offered him such a smoothie every day to take along when visiting her in hospital. Elisa loved it.”

The team starts to prepare a festive meal for the wedding anniversary. However, Elisa has to stay in hospital. It takes a few days before she gets a little better and returns to the hotel. However, she is too weak for the wedding dinner everyone had been looking forward to. “Our bell boys were always available for Elisa and Frank,” says Ruthe. In the end, Elisa wants to be taken to the sun loungers at the jetty. Being close to the sea one more time. “Of course, we immediately took her there,“ says Ruthe. “It was touching to see her lean back and enjoy the sunshine sipping lemonade and watching the yachts pass and the hustle and bustle all around her.” On the day of departure, many hotel staff members accompany Elisa to her airport shuttle, hug her and wish her all the best – and yet, only a few weeks later, they learn that Elisa has passed away. Mel, the wife of Frank’s brother, informs them that she passed away peacefully. “Elisa certainly knew she did not have much time left,” guesses Ruthe. “However, I believe we managed to create a few wonderful holiday memories for her last journey.” Enjoying the sun, the south, the sea one more time – feeling the sunshine warming up her skin. An opportunity she did not want to miss. 

The names of the holidaymakers from the UK have been changed.