10 December 2019

Agile in the shark tank

TUI's HR Community from Hanover: Together for more agility

Last week, 120 colleagues from the HR departments of various TUI companies at Hanover met to discuss the topic of "agile working". TUI Group's HR director Elke Eller invited all HR teams based in Hanover. A team from various TUI companies had set up the programme. Key notes, a bar camp and training sessions dealt with the question of how the HR department could work more flexible in future and become faster in its processes for TUI employees. It became clear that it is not so much a question of all colleagues working agilely from now on as of identifying those "agile islands" where the application of agile working methods offers added value to the traditional approach.

In a live survey at the end of the event, 90 percent of HR colleagues stated that they viewed "agile work" very positively or positively (73 percent at the beginning of the community meeting).

The event took place outside TUI´s headquarters, at the so-called Transformationswerk (transformation plant) in Hanover. The organisation team had named one of the seminar rooms, in which agile work methods could be tried out, as a "shark tank".