4 September 2019

Reducing the environmental impact of holidays

A healthy planet and a healthy travel and tourism industry go hand-in-hand. That’s why conserving natural resources and mitigating negative environmental impacts are vital to our business. We are committed to continuously reducing the environmental impact of our holidays.

We’ve made good progress through TUI’s “Better Holidays, Better World 2015 – 2020“ sustainability strategy.

Highlights include …

  • TUI’s airlines are 19% more carbon-efficient than the average of the 6 largest European airlines
  • TUI Airways ranked No1 most carbon-efficient airlines globally and TUI fly Germany 4th (2018 atmosfair Airline Index)
  • 11.6% improvement in airline carbon-efficiency over the last 10 years
  • ISO 14001 environmental management certification for all of our aircraft & cruise ships
  • CO2 per cruise passenger night has improved by 11.7 % since 2015
  • 99% reduction in sulphur emissions on TUI Cruise ships from emission purification systems
  • 3,280 solar panels installed at Robinson Club Apulia – many TUI hotels are utilising renewable energy
  • 81% of TUI Hotels & Resorts held sustainability certifications in 2018, adhering to external environmental standards
  • 1,177,000 TUI Collection excursions delivered last year, meeting environmental criteria
  • 78 million Euros saved from environmental initiatives between 2012 and 2018
  • 140 million pieces of single-use plastics removed from our operations by the end of 2018
  • Over 55% of energy for major premises and retail purchased on a green tariff in 2018

“As a leading tourism group, we want to continue to use our influence to initiate sustainable change. This includes protecting the environment and the climate. Thanks to our investments in the latest technologies, we are on the right track. Our goal as TUI is to continue to play a pioneering role in sustainability. We want to use tourism‘s creative power to maximise the benefits of tourism. And at the same time we will innovate to minimise the ecological footprint of travel,” says TUI CEO Fritz Joussen in the latest sustainability report “Better Holidays, Better World” which was published earlier this year.

Interested to learn more? Look out for more articles where we take a deeper look at what we are doing across our operations to protect the environment. You can also find lots of information in our “Better Holidays, Better World report“.