23 August 2019

"Holiday heroes" provide a helping hand

The staff at TUI Cruises perform all kinds of heroic acts for their guests

A holiday is the highlight of everyone's year. But sometimes things happen that spoil the enjoyment. Unexpected events can put a real damper on holiday fun, at least for a while. At times like these, it's great to know you have somebody – a "holiday hero" to give you a helping hand. TUI has a whole host of "holiday heroes" working busily behind the scenes to ensure that all is well with guests. For example, they organise hypo-allergenic bedding, transfers and tickets, and the transportation of late-arriving suitcases from the airport to the hotel. Although these people remain anonymous most of the time, TUI Cruises has initiated a special digital tribute to them. The Mein-Schiff blog now presents the "Holiday Heroes of the Month" – people who have done something special that has contributed to guest well-being.

One such "holiday hero" is a travel manager who organised a return flight from the next port at short notice for guests with a sick family member back home. The couple didn't have a credit card, so he used his own personal credit card to book the flight for them. Another "holiday hero" was an excursion leader who accomplished the daunting task of getting a mobile phone that a passenger had lost at the airport back to her on board the cruise ship.

A "holiday heroine" who was recently featured in the blog is Christine Seibert. Christine is the manager of the "Hair Spa on Sea" salon on Mein Schiff 2 who gave one guest the courage to change her job. Here's what Christine said: "I had a lady customer in the salon and we were chatting to each other. She said she was unhappy in her job but scared to change because of her age." It sounded familiar to Christine, who took her own career in a new direction in 2017 because the situation at her own hair salon was really getting her down. She applied for a job with TUI Cruises and got it. "Some people told me I was crazy to apply for a job on a cruise ship. But I'm glad I listened to my inner voice and I've been very happy working here for two years now. I tried to encourage the guest to check out the job market and consider her options, and I told her that 'fortune favours the brave'."

The passenger nominated Christine Seibert as a "holiday heroine", writing: "Thank you so much for giving me the courage to rethink my professional life and the confidence to take that step into a new, happy and satisfying job. My family is very grateful to you for giving me a push in the right direction."