22 August 2019

A woman disrupts the traditionally male-dominated wine world

Culinary holiday delights also include fine wine and food pairing. Dorothea Stoumpou is one of the few female sommeliers in the wine industry. Since February 2018, she has teamed up with the TUI SENSIMAR Elounda Village Resort & Spa hotel in Crete, Greece. There, during the winter months, she spends countless hours researching wine varieties, analysing trends and studying vinification methods, so as to make well educated suggestions on the upcoming season’s wine selections. During the hot summer months she moves from one restaurant to another advising our guests on wines based on their personal tastes and preferences, always making recommendations in harmony with the selected courses. “I am delighted to be able to take account of our guests’ personal preferences, share my fascination for fine wines and offer professional advice” says Dorothea.

Dorothea is the only female sommelier, out of a total of ten TUI SENSIMAR hotels, offering such high quality of expertise to their clientele. “Female sommeliers are not yet very common in the wine business, let alone the hotel sector,” says hotel manager Michalis Volyrakis. “That is why we are particularly pleased to have Dorothea in our team. This will perhaps inspire more women to discover their passion and enter the traditionally male-dominated field.” Dorothea developed her wine expertise in particular, by studying oenology for four years in Athens, as well as through participation in Wine and Spirit Education Trust qualifications offering professional certification, primarily dealing with the differences in the key characteristics of wines of the world.

TUI SENSIMAR Elounda Village & Resort offers its guests more than 340 different wine labels. Wines not only produced locally, but sourced throughout Greece and the entire world. Incidentally, Dorothea herself does not have any favourite wines. She loves pairing different wines with various dishes and also likes local Cretan wines made by indigenous varieties. Wine and olive production in Crete is also supported by TUI Care Foundation, which helps farmers to transition to a sustainable cultivation of grapes and olives whilst linking them with the tourism sector.