1 August 2019

200,000 followers, 4 million reach, 10 languages

A look behind the scenes at our international LinkedIn editorial team

Shortly after midnight, the count switches: 199,998...199,999...200,000! This is the number of users of the world’s biggest business network LinkedIn now following TUI’s global corporate profile. The number of users has doubled in just over a year. A good indicator of the relevance achieved by the global TUI brand – and of the relevance of the contents for the LinkedIn users.

Followers are the basis – but reach is crucial

In the social media world, followers are not the only critical factor: “For us, one of the key aspects is reach, i.e. the number of persons we reach out to through LinkedIn every month. Of course, our reach will grow as we manage to increase the number of followers for our site,” explains Magnus Hüttenberend, Global Head of Digital Communications. “LinkedIn is our biggest and most successful communication channel. June 2019 was our most successful month to date at 2.9 million user contacts. In addition, we have more than 20,000 active TUI employees on LinkedIn. They are the face of our brand and reach out to around one million additional users. Taken all together, this results in a reach of 4 million.”

What are the secrets to success?

This success is the result of a remarkable team performance, celebrated with a special post on TUI’s LinkedIn site today. 22 colleagues from the Communications and HR departments of many subsidiaries are publishing new stories for the LinkedIn site every day – in ten languages. 

Stefan Siemon, Senior Manager Digital Communications & Social Media, coordinates the international team: “Much like ‘truffle pigs’ hunting for truffles, we are constantly searching for the next story. So many exciting stories are happening at TUI every day. All we need to do is find and prepare them to share them with our followers.”

The international editorial team presents itself in a video clip and jointly celebrates the big number: