16 July 2019

New highlight for Castelfalfi

The historic castle cellar at Toscana Resort Castelfalfi has been opened for the public for the first time after several decades. Until January 2020, in addition to the Medieval Borgo, it will host the GEA art exhibition celebrating the work of sculptor Franco Mauro Franchi, inspiring art lovers from around the world.

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi with its medieval village centre, rich in tradition, is situated in the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Volterra. In 2007, TUI had acquired the all-but-deserted village in order to develop it into a top-class tourist resort. “Our goal was to develop the formerly abandoned and derelict Tuscan village into a high-quality, environmentally friendly holiday resort,” said Sebastian Ebel, TUI Group Executive Board member in charge of Hotels & Resorts. “In close cooperation between the municipality and TUI, a unique resort has been crated for Tuscany. It has been carefully developed, step by step. The medieval village has now been fully restored,” said Mayor Pomponi. “Castelfalfi has been revived and now is a lively place attracting many international guests and regional visitors.”

The resort now hosts a large number of events, such as the current GEA art exhibitions. The artist’s sculptures are designed to be a hymn to life and rebirth through the female forms created by the sculptor. In Greek mythology, Gea is the goddess of the earth, the ancestral mother of all life. This life has now returned to Castelfalfi, returning the cellar to its former splendour.