5 July 2019

Delivering more holidays in greener and fairer hotels

TUI Group’s hotels play a crucial role in enhancing sustainability in the holiday destinations as each hotel has an impact on the local community, economy and environment. There are many different ways to contribute to a more sustainable future. TUI hotels already actively engage to reduce plastic waste and have launched initiatives to avoid food waste. Moreover, many hotels increasingly use renewable energies and develop solutions to save water – for example here in Majorca:

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These measures have already started to show results: By the end of 2018, TUI hotels had avoided 112 million single-use plastic items. In addition, TUI has launched new Plastic Reduction Guidelines for Hotels to support these efforts.

Certified hotels are more efficient

In 2018 alone, 9.2 million TUI customers stayed in hotels certified to an externally recognised sustainability standard. The ecological benefit is substantial, as studies have shown that hotels with sustainability certifications outperform conventional hotels, cutting CO2 emissions per overnight stay by ten per cent and waste volumes by 24 per cent on average. Sustainable hotels also consume 19 per cent less fresh water and use 23 per cent more green energy. In 2018, as many as 81 per cent of all hotels in TUI’s Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio held sustainability certifications. Sustainability is closely aligned with customer satisfaction, as certified hotels deliver better NPS scores.

For more detailed information, please refer to TUI Group’s Sustainability Report or its Plastics Reduction Guidelines for Hotels: www.tuigroup.com/en-en/responsibility/reporting-downloads