4 June 2019

RIU plans hotel in Senegal

RIU, the long-standing joint venture partner of TUI Group, plans to build a hotel in the area of Point Sarène on the west coast of Senegal. With the planning, RIU supports TUI Group’s growth path and strengthens the Group's own hotel business on the African continent. Overall, RIU operates eleven hotels in Africa – in Cape Verde Islands, Tanzania and Morocco.

RIU’s project in Senegal is currently in the draft planning stage and due to launch in November. In the first, a hotel in the Classic range will open, with around 500 rooms; and in the second, the chain aims to build a hotel in the Riu Palace range, with capacity for around 800 guests.

The project will take place as part of the local authorities’ drive to develop tourism in this destination. In 2017, the international airport Blaise-Diagne was completed, which is 35 km from the site RIU has acquired, and of a highway that links it to the city of Dakar.

With the opening of the two hotels, RIU intends to create around 600 new employment opportunities. In addition, as part of its commitment to sustainable development in the new establishments, the chain has already planned efficient construction of the first building in the destination.