14 May 2019

The RIU Hotels team in Baja California clears 800 kilos of rubbish from the river to protect the sea

RIU Hotels & Resorts has joined the "Zero Waste Los Cabos" programme by organising a clean-up squad who collected 800 kilos of rubbish from Arroyo Seco in Baja California. Collaborators from all the departments of the Riu Palace Baja California, Riu Santa Fe and Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas hotels participated in the initiative. The purpose of this environmental action is to prevent the waste that has gathered in the river from reaching the sea in the rainy season, as this would pollute the area’s ecosystem.

One morning, 155 colleagues from the entertainment, housekeeping, maintenance, bar and dining departments travelled to the Arroyo Seco bridge in Los Cabos where they spent several hours clearing the large amount of waste that had gathered there over several months. In previous years, tonnes of waste have been washed into the sea by the river, polluting the sea bed and its ecosystem. 

"Zero Waste" is a project created by a group of women with the aim of supporting and creating solutions to care for the environment. It is a philosophy that supports reusing all resources and argues that all materials can be reduced, recycled or reused in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

As well as joining this waste cleanup squad in Los Cabos, RIU Hotels is also following its strategy to eliminate plastic from more than 90 of the chain’s hotels. By 2020, it aims to get rid of all single-use plastics and in 2021 it will negotiate with all its suppliers to reduce the use of plastic and to foster reuse. Finally, by 2022 it will stop using plastic water bottles and water dispensers will be installed in all the hotels.