9 May 2019

“Hanover hums” – and TUI is humming along

Four bee colonies have been given a new home in TUI’s garden on TUI Germany’s outdoor premises on 7 May. In the framework of the project, run in cooperation with the Bioland-certified organic beekeeper and honey producer “Bioland Imkerei und Honigmanufaktur Eggers“ and the registered voluntary association “Hannover summt! e.V.“ (“Hanover Hums”), the honeybees settled at the rearward end of the assembly point behind the TUI building, where the beehives were installed and are being maintained by Eggers. From July until the end of September, TUI will even be able to harvest its own honey. 

Animal welfare and biodiversity preservation are a high priority. TUI is committed to promoting biodiversity preservation, not only in the holiday destinations, but also in Hanover. In this context, the Group actively supports the “Hanover Hums!” initiative. TUI’s bees contribute to the implementation of the “Better Holidays, Better World” sustainability strategy. The goal of the project is to promote sustainability at TUI Germany’s offices and stimulate enthusiasm for biodiversity. 

“Indigenous animal species deserve protection, and bees, in particular, deliver a valuable contribution to urban ecology. Our project aims to promote sustainability in Hanover, our home location”, said Chief Human Resources Officer Sybille Reiß. Apart from the ecological aspect, the project also aims to create an attractive breakout space for TUI employees. That is why the project also included the creation of TUI’s own garden.