10 April 2019

Spring Highlight: Curaçao

What are TUI customers’ favourite travel destinations? The tourism group has published its new TUI Holiday Atlas for Spring 2019, sharing interesting insights into the holiday decisions taken by TUI customers in several European countries. We are presenting the particular characteristics of some of these holiday destinations in TUI’s Easter Special “Spring Highlights”: 

The Caribbean island of Curaçao is an autonomous constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island is particularly well-known for its bay beaches and extensive coral reefs with very diverse marine life as well as its Dutch colonial architecture. 

Curaçao is a popular destination, in particular over the Easter period, as, on the one hand, the local population also celebrates the Seú harvest festival alongside Easter: Colourful parades take place in the capital of Willemstad on Easter Monday. More than 5,000 participants in colourful costumes dance to intoxicating rhythms through the streets of the historic quarter of Otrobanda.

Another reason to visit Curaçao in spring is the weather: Temperatures between 26°C and 32°C create a summer mood – with the seven monthly rainy days coming as a pleasant change.

Although the local Caribbean cuisine is characterised by seafood, it is very diverse. Typical snacks are „Karkó“, conch, „Arepa di Pampuna“, pumpkin pancake, or „Johnny cakes“, savoury little cakes, filled, for instance, with Dutch cheese.

The port town of Willemstad is one of the island’s real highlights: The townscape is characterised by pastel-coloured buildings. But, of course, the Caribbean island also offers dream beaches. Playa Forti is a beach particularly worth visiting, as the beach and the blue water are surrounded by high cliffs featuring small local restaurants. 

Curaçao is particularly popular among TUI guests in the Netherlands. The island can also be reached by cruise ship: Curaçao is one of the popular ports of call on Caribbean cruises operated by TU Cruises. 

TUI Care Foundation supports the environment in Curaçao. In cooperation with the local environmental and recycling organisation Green Force Curacao, a recycling system has been established in the island.

Further information about our holiday atlas can be found here.