26 February 2019

Thinking without limits: TUI shortens website load times by dismantling silos

TUI Nordic changes its internal organization and processes so that website optimisation takes priority.

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices. Therefore, companies are increasingly realizing the importance of short website load times. However, in addition to structural support, page speed optimisation projects often require rethinking and a whole new approach to development. TUI Nordic has recognised that optimal realization of growth potential requires a new approach.

At a site load-time hackathon hosted by Google, TUI engineers Emil Wiklund and Daniel Cala devised a number of great results that sparked a discussion on page load times – and found a wide audience for both stakeholders and management. "We were already thinking about how to improve our customer focus. When the engineers raised the topic of page load times, we realized that price adjustments would not work as long as our website visitors still jumped off because of the slow page loading time, "explains Martin Bystedt, TUI's Nordic Head of User Experience and Digital.

One might suspect that optimising the page layout speed is a pure project for engineers and technicians. However, the success of such a project requires that the entire organisation is behind it. What is needed is a dialogue between the management, the stakeholders and the developers, the dismantling of silos and the introduction of agile processes. Without this operational support, load improvement projects often end in deadlock – or are being forgotten until the next campaign. "Shortening load times is not only a question of code," explains Martin. "It also requires the right organisational structure and the right mental attitude."

Google now presents the work of TUI Nordic colleagues as a digital case study. Together is one of the key values ​​at TUI. In doing so, the colleagues focus on collaborative, digital and always customer-oriented cooperation. "Bringing dedicated, talented people from different disciplines together will make great things happen on its own. Everyone enjoys it, people are proud of what they do – and they enjoy going to work," says Lukas Edenfelt, development lead at TUI Nordic.

Since implementing these new processes and technologies, tui.se has seen a drop in bounce rates of 31% and a 78% reduction in load times. This is a significant improvement.

Further information can be found in the following article: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-154/insights-inspiration/case-studies/fast-forward-thinking-tui-speed-their-site/