19 December 2018

Santa Claus is the Godfather of the new 737 MAX 8

In order to emphasis the long partnership to its tourist destinations, TUI is naming its new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft with the names of the destinations. TUI’s planes will from now on serve as ambassadors for these regions.

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This week TUI Airways’ Boeing 737 MAX 8 with identification G-TUMA was named “Kittilä” at Finavia Kittilä Airport. As the Region is famous for being the home of Santa Claus, he was chosen by TUI as the Godfather of the name giving ceremony and conducted the name giving act. The guests at the name giving ceremony at Kittilä Airport were the TUI partner company Lapland Safari, representatives of Lapland tourism associations, TUI’s hotel partners and business partners in Lapland as well as local media.