Hamburg, 11 October 2018

Towards a plastic-free holiday on the Mein Schiff fleet

TUI Cruises launches WASTELESS – the plastic reduction program

  • Objective: giving up plastic disposable products and replacing them with sustainable alternatives by 2020
  • First measures: eliminating disposable products in guest cabins, restaurants and bars, and new packaging solutions

Plastic-free holidays on the Mein Schiff fleet: with this vision, the Hamburg cruise company TUI Cruises launches its plastic reduction program WASTELESS. By the end of 2020, the plastic products and unnecessary disposables are intended to be eliminated both on board the currently six ships as well as on land and to be replaced with sustainable alternatives of renewable and natural raw materials.

“Already today, we operate the most modern and environmentally efficient cruise fleet around the world. With the program, we take things to the next level in the field of waste management and will systematically reduce plastic waste,” says Wybcke Meier, CEO of TUI Cruises. The company-wide program follows a holistic approach: important partners and suppliers as well as staff at the headquarters, crew members on board and the guests of the Mein Schiff fleet contribute to phasing out all plastic disposables and other disposable products by the end of 2020. “Initially, we concentrate first and foremost on measures in the hotel, restaurant and bar areas. And what you immediately notice is that even seemingly small details have a major effect,” says Wybcke Meier.

Less plastic in the cabin

Ever since the company was founded, avoiding plastic waste has played an important role: all cabins, for example, were equipped with water jugs from glass, which the guests were able to fill up at any time with the water dispensers in the corridors – thus eliminating the need for disposable plastic bottles. Also, on all new TUI Cruises ships (Mein Schiff 1, Mein Schiff 3–6), the showers of the cabins were equipped with refillable dispensers for shampoo and shower gel. Fleet-wide, this saves 370,000 throw-away packs per year. And now it continues in the cabins: the terry slippers for the walk to the pool or sauna are not packed individually in plastic, but put in the bathrobe pockets, economizing on 250,000 plastic wrappings per year. The laundry bag for the delivery of clean clothes is to be made of bio-based plastic in future. This, too, cuts down on approximately 270,000 plastic bags.

More than just plastic straws – measures in restaurants and bars

In the restaurant and bar areas the numbers are even more impressive: to begin with, the switch of the coffee-to-go cups in the crew area: in future, the inner lining and lids are made of bio-based, not oil-based plastic. The guests still get their cocktails stirred and not shaken: but the conversion from plastic to wood stirrer saves 1.5 million plastic stirrers. The cocktail sticks made of plastic will soon also be a thing of the past: more than five million of the small sticks will thus be economized on in future. Plastic straws are issued to guests only upon request, thereby saving annually approximately three million straws. With all of these changes, focus is on protecting the environment.