Hanover, 2 October 2018

10 years of TUI SENSATORI: Luxury brand launches new features

TUI SENSATORI is one of seven core hotel brands and concepts differentiating the world’s number one tourism group from its competition. In 2008, the brandwas established to create luxury holidays designed to fuel the senses. Ten years on and the portfolio comprises ten luxury resorts in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Spain. Originally established in the UK, the luxury brand now also targets more and more international guests.

The Group continually reinvents and improves the TUI SENSATORI concept. During its 10th birthday celebrations the luxury resort brand has announced plans for IVÓ Beach, an exclusive premium beach club designed around the senses and Restaurant 10, a sensory fueled dining experience built on flavour pairing and multi-sensory seasoning.

In addition, TUI will open a premium adults-only expansion called The Residence at the TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye Resort. From summer 2019 on, this will be the first TUI SENSATORI resort that is exclusive to adults and will bring a whole new level of luxury to the collection as well as continuing to grow the TUI Group hotel portfolio.

The celebrations took place at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Atlantica Rhodes in Greece, the newest addition to the portfolio of 5 star luxury resorts which has been opened this summer.

TUI Sensatori’s innovative features

IVÓ Beach will be a space where couples and families alike can relax and dine on fresh cuisine, focusing on locally sourced seafood. Beach club packages can be tailored to each guest and on arrival they will receive a personalised recommendation of what package would suit their needs and requirements to re-balance their senses. The first IVÓ Beach will launch in 2019.

The experience at the new Restaurant 10 will be built on unique flavour pairings and multi-sensory seasonings crafted solely around engaging all of the senses. The signature restaurant will also include the chance to experience sonic seasoning, which is when different pitches of sound influence the basic taste receptors of sweet, bitter, sour and salty. “Table 10“ will give diners a full immersive sensory experience on a 4K OLED table with a 10 course menu where every step of your sensory journey has been carefully planned. The ultra-high definition integrated table will come to life with every course through choreographed graphics specially crafted to enhance and challenge flavours.