1 October 2018

95-year-old is regular guest in a lifestyle hotel

At 95, Elisabeth Friedrichs is TUI Blue Sarigerme Park’s oldest regular guest. She is visiting the hotel on the Turkish Aegean for the 40th time and also experienced the repositioning of the hotel as the world’s first TUI Blue hotel two years ago. While TUI Group’s new lifestyle brand targets an audience with an affinity for technology and an interest in fitness, wellness and nutrition, Elisabeth Friedrichs does not have a mobile phone, nor Internet access. Nevertheless, she has remained loyal to the hotel and sent TUI a letter describing her impressions.

“After all these years, and given that old habits are hard to change, I initially struggled somewhat with the repositioning of Sarigerme Park as TUI Blue. Now, everything is perfect again! You could not have made a better investment in the future. The hotel’s interior and exterior, restaurants, sports facilities etc. – everything is absolutely delightful. I know what I am writing about, as my husband and myself have travelled across Europe, North Africa and Arabia - however, at a younger age.” Enthusiasm for foreign countries and cultures knows no age limit. Perhaps this is why the 95-year-old and the hotel concept focusing on authentic experiences within the holiday region region are such a great match.

“People in the hotel know me – and regular guests, staff members and also General Manager Yavuz Zeyrek and their families take care of me – although I am still physically and mentally fit. Otherwise, I would not be sending you these lines. I am writing to emphasize that guests staying at the TUI Blue are well catered to, even elderly guests travelling solo. As this may be the last time I am flying to the hotel – which, however, I have said for ten years now – I should like to ask you to forward my thanks to General Manager Yavuz Zeyrek “.

The TUI Blue team in Turkey also wishes to thank this remarkable woman for her long-standing loyalty and warm words. See you again next year at TUI Blue Sarigerme Park!