11 September 2018

Female Leadership: Dialogue with female managers aboard Mein Schiff 4

Focus on NewWork@TUI

Last week, female managers from various companies met aboard Mein Schiff 4 in Hamburg at the invitation of TUI Group HR Director Elke Eller for an exchange of experiences focused on “New Work“ and “Female Leadership“ in the digitalisation era. CEO Fritz Joussen joined the meeting to discuss his understanding of leadership with the group. He also spoke about diversity and explained what he considered to be the most important aspects of the “NewWork@TUI“ paper published at the beginning of the year at the initiative of the Group Works Council. The event took place in cooperation with the German business magazine Manager Magazin and the BCG consulting company.

Participants in the exchange included Birgit Conix, TUI Group’s designated CFO, and GEC member Hilka Schneider as well as other female executives working for TUI. Of course, the agenda also included a guided tour of the ship – TUI Cruises CEO Wybcke Meier showed the group of female managers around the ship and shared insights into the company with them.